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Growth, part 1 ~ Growth, part 40



Adel was a little afraid to speak, but when Bathasar raised his eyebrows, he gave in. “I thought you didn’t like that title?”

“When we are like this, when I am mastering him like this, I have him use the title. It emphasizes his subservience, reminds him who is in control. Though he knows, always, in the back of his mind that if he needed something to stop, if he was truly uncomfortable or something hurt, I would. I know him well enough now to recognize the signs.”

Adel nodded. That made an odd sort of sense to him.

Bathasar turned his attention back to Teman and ran his fingers slowly down Teman’s chest, lightly brushing the tips over the tan skin from Teman’s collar, over his breast bone, and finally stomach. He stopped just shy of Teman’s cock, causing it to jump.

He reached up again, this time hooking one finger on the chain stretched between Teman’s nipples. He tugged gently, pulling a moan from Teman’s throat. “These will not pull off if tugged on. Instead, the clamps around Teman’s nipples tighten with each pull. Here,” Bathasar said and held the chain up on his finger, nodding to it.

Adel hesitated, but when Bathasar nodded again, put his finger next to Bathasar’s. When his friend let go, Adel tugged slightly. He could feel the grip the clamps had on Teman’s nipples, could tell they wouldn’t let go easily, if at all.

“A little harder,” Bathasar instructed and Adel complied. He was rewarded with another moan from Teman. “Beautiful, love,” he murmured. “How do they feel?”

“Hurts, Master,” Teman moaned, chest rising and falling as he fought for breath.

“Good, I like that, like to see you take pain for me.” Bathasar looked at Adel and nodded once more. Adel took the permission it was and pulled again on the chain.

This was almost a shout and Teman’s muscles trembled as he fought to hold himself still. He panted hard, but Adel noted his cock seemed even harder than it had been before and was now jumping in need.

Teman whimpered. “Please, Master.” He swallowed, whimpered again, then said, “Need…”

“I know, love,” Bathasar replied, fingers now dancing over Teman’s skin again. He avoided both nipples, cock, and sac, anything truly sensitive and Teman trembled harder with the effort he put out not to move.

Bathasar touched Adel’s hand and he let the chain fall. He watched in fascination as it bounced onto Teman’s chest, bringing more moans from Teman. Bathasar ignored them, running a hand over Teman’s leg, teasing the sensitive skin on the inside of his thighs.

Bathasar glanced up at Adel and leaned in, whispering, “Normally, light touches like this, of course, wouldn’t cause these types of reactions. But he is so frustrated and so aroused that the slightest touch makes it worse.”

He cupped Teman’s balls next, squeezing them slightly. “How do these feel, love?”

“Full, so full. Heavy.” The words came out on yet another whimper.

“When was your last orgasm?”

“Two weeks.” Teman groaned when Bathasar’s hand tightened again.

“You want to empty these?” Bathasar asked.

Teman groaned, then… “Want to come,” he said for an answer.

Bathasar grinned. “He knows better than to simply say he wants them emptied.” Adel raised his eyebrows and Bathasar nodded. “He made that mistake once, and I did empty them… without the slightest bit of pleasure for him. I have a way of… ruining his orgasm. We discovered it once while denying Nadir. He’d become very uncomfortable, his balls painful. The poor man thought he’d failed at denial, but Salehi had shown us how we could relieve the pain without giving him satisfaction. The end result is that they are much, much more frustrated afterward, rather than satisfied.”

Adel’s eyes widened. “That’s almost cruel.”

Bathasar’s grin turned wicked. “Oh it is. And the worst part? If we do it right, even if I gave the command, he couldn’t climax for a while after. His body won’t even give him a dry orgasm.”

Adel shifted, caught between arousal at giving that to someone—Ghalib, his mind said—and discomfort at the thought of it being done to him.

Bathasar let go of Teman’s balls and his cock and sac dropped with the shift in weight. Teman grunted in reaction but held still. “Now, this little device,” Bathasar continued, pointed to the ball at the end of Teman’s cock. “This keeps him from releasing his seed. If I gave the command now, it would hold it back, causing an incredible amount of pain while still relieving the pressure in his balls. It’s even more cruel than the other way because then he is in pain—which arouses him—and extreme frustration. And on top of all of that, his cock is as sensitive as if he just had a full orgasm.”

Teman groaned at this as if he was feeling it right then. Adel could sympathize, with the dual thought of it being so arousing because he could imagine all too well giving something like that. He reached down in an attempt to adjust himself enough for his cock to stop hurting.

“If you wish to release yourself, please do,” Bathasar said and Adel looked up in time to see Bathasar doing just that. “When you master Ghalib, you should stay dressed as long as possible. It is another way of showing the differences in your position.”

Adel nodded as he untied his pants, allowing his cock to spring blessedly free. He bit his lip to keep in the moan as the pressure eased.

“In fact, sometimes, I will even close them back up so that the only thing exposed—out of necessity—is my cock. Teman says he likes that, because he can feel it even when he’s not thinking clearly.” He turned back when Teman moaned. Teman dropped his head back and Bathasar dragged his hand down Teman’s chest again, catching the nipple chain slightly but not pulling. When he got all the way down, he hovered over the tip of Teman’s cock.

* * *

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