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Growth, part 1 ~ Growth, part 39



Adel sat in an armchair near the fire, thoughts whirling in a thousand different directions as he waited for Teman and Bathasar to be ready. His cock was already half-hard as he thought through some of what Bathasar had told him to expect for the night.

It would be the end of a denial period for Teman. After being without any sort of orgasm for a fortnight, he would finally be allowed release. Bathasar had also said Teman would have to work for his release.

Adel wasn’t exactly certain what all that would entail, but despite not having experience with the slaves, he had a fertile enough imagination. And the three days since Bathasar had talked to him last about the scene had been filled with all sorts of guesses, ideas, and imaginings.

He found himself hoping Ghalib would respond to denial as Teman had. It seemed a reasonably good way to start learning mastery. He’d admitted to himself he liked the idea of controlling things: Ghalib’s orgasms, his pleasure, his actions.

Because of this, he’d spent the better part of the last three days at least semi-aroused at all times. He’d had to fight the urge to go up and see Ghalib. He’d promised to give the man space to finish training, but it was extremely difficult.

He’d managed by throwing himself into the research he’d needed to do in the palace library. Unfortunately, half way through the text from Rimal on new methods of animal husbandry, he’d completely lost interest in something he’d been passionate about his whole life. He’d been forced to concede that until he was at least through his scenes with Bathasar, he wasn’t likely to be able to focus on much else.

Instead, he’d found an obscure scroll written by a former slave master from the palace. It outlined a lot of the things he’d already heard, talking about service and submitting to another’s will. It described tactics for the arousal conditioning and even discussed a bit of the command conditioning.

Adel had read it twice.

In the end, however, it didn’t tell him much more than what he’d already learned. And it still didn’t give him much more to go on with regard to how to master Ghalib.

Teman pulled him out of his thoughts. Almost gliding, he was so graceful, Teman moved into the middle of the pile of cushions in front of the fire. Adel stared at the things Teman sported, his mouth drying and cock filling almost instantly. Thick gold rings surrounded both the base of Teman’s cock and sack as well as above his balls and around the bottom his cock itself. Chains connected these rings to a set of clamps hanging from Teman’s nipples then another hung lightly between them.

Adel let his eyes travel back down and saw another ring surrounding Teman’s cock near the tip, and attached to it by a thin wire, what looked to be a ball sitting inside Teman’s cock. The head looked even larger than it seemed it should, was redder than the rest of Teman’s obviously uncomfortably hard cock. And along with all of this, a wide, thick cuff surrounded the top of Teman’s sac, stretching it and the skin around his balls. It looked very uncomfortable and altogether arousing.

With still more grace, Teman turned his back to the fire and settled into the presentation position but this time, he put his hands together behind his back. Teman had a plug in his ass that was connected to a narrow, flat piece of metal that went between his legs by a loop, all held in place by a lock.

Bathasar came in then. “Good evening. Thank you for joining us.”

Adel swallowed around his dry throat and nodded. “Thank you for inviting me.” He had no doubt Bathasar could hear the arousal in his voice, and couldn’t muster a care. He was also fairly sure if Bathasar chose to look, his hard cock was quite visible. He needed to adjust it, but focused on Bathasar sitting next to Teman instead, anxious to see what would happen.

Bathasar leaned in, brushing some of Teman’s hair back. “Beautiful, love. How do you feel?”

“Frustrated,” Teman replied and Adel heard it quite clear in his tone. “I need,” he murmured.

“I know love. Soon, you’ll have your release. Not yet, but tonight.” He kissed Teman’s temple, then moved around behind Teman. Bathasar pulled Teman’s wrists together, connecting the cuffs with a hook. Then he helped Teman shift just a little before hooking a pair of short chains to the cuff hook then to each of the ankle cuffs Adel hadn’t noticed before, having been too preoccupied by everything above the knees to pay attention to Teman’s feet.

Once they were anchored, Teman’s back was forced into an arch, which made his chest stick out. It looked quite uncomfortable. Aden frowned, confused. He’d thought Bathasar was about pleasure, not discomfort.

“Adel,” Bathasar called, and Adel looked up at his friend. Bathasar made a ‘come here’ gesture with his fingers, then waved at the space on the other side of Teman.

Adel joined them, sitting next to Teman and looking up at Bathasar, knowing his puzzlement showed.

“This is, by far, not one of Teman’s favorite positions. It’s awkward and uncomfortable for him.” Bathasar turned to brush the hair out of Teman’s eyes and it fell back, clearing his face completely. “Why do I have you like this, love?”

“Because you like how it looks, Master,” Teman whispered. Adel realized Teman’s gaze seemed a little unfocused. Adel started at the title.

“Why do you call me that?” Bathasar asked.

“Because you wish me to,” Teman replied. Despite the discomfort, he seemed completely relaxed, his voice soft, his eyes almost sleepy. His breathing was slow and steady.


* * *

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