Well, now, Adel, look at you learning. But which head are you thinking with? Hmm??

Growth, part 1 ~ Growth, part 38



Adel’s cock twitched at the thought. Obviously the idea appealed to something inside him. “I see. So I control his pleasure completely?”

Bathasar nodded. “Yes. You decide when he is released from his cage—if you wish to release him. There are times I do not allow Teman out. When he is in denial, I often take him without releasing him, which causes its own frustration. One he likes,” he added and Adel realized he must have looked disbelieving at that.

“And this lasts a while?”

“Days,” Teman said and Adel wondered at the tone of his voice. “The longest I have gone, thus far, is three weeks. It was the most frustrating… and most intense experience I’ve ever had.”

“When he is finally given the command, that place I told you about—the floating? He is gone for a long time. It’s beautiful.” Bathasar held a hand up. “I am getting ahead of myself. You must understand, that simply pleasing you, following commands, these things alone will make him happy, give him something to focus on.”

“I saw many of the slaves being fed. What is that about?”

“For one thing, of course, they do not sit at our table.” Adel nodded and Bathasar continued. “But it is a way to give them their place—they, like Teman here, like to sit at our feet. It helps them reinforce the subservience. But it is also a way for us to care for them, take care of them. And, of course, there’s an intimacy to it.”

Adel nodded. “I can see that.”

“Our morning and mid-day meals, Teman often sits with me at the table and eats as I do. However, the evening meals, I feed to him from my seat in the hall.” He ran his hand over Teman’s hair again. “It can be very sensual, very erotic. And, like I said, intimate.”

Teman’s eyes closed as Bathasar continued brushing fingers over his hair, temple, and cheek. The pleasure on his face hinted at what Teman might be like in the place they were talking about and Adel realized he could imagine all too readily how Ghalib would look. The image of Ghalib on his knees in front of Adel came back and Adel remembered Ghalib’s eyes closed, remembered the look of pleasure Ghalib had had just from serving in that small way—just offering pleasure with his mouth.

“I would like to offer something,” Bathasar said, bringing Adel out of his musings. He raised his eyebrows. “I think you might benefit from observing a more thorough demonstration or two. Teman thrives at being dominated, denied, commanded. Nadir loses himself fastest when I give him pain. I think it might be good for you to see both.”

Adel frowned. “You wish me to watch you with your lovers?”

Bathasar nodded. “Yes. How better for you to see how it goes?”

It made a certain amount of sense to him. And it wasn’t like he’d never seen Bathasar naked before. In the early days of understanding themselves and their sexual preferences, they’d experimented more than once. It had never gone anywhere; they’d never developed feelings for each other beyond friendship but it also meant that it wasn’t likely to feel awkward to see his friend naked, even partially so. He nodded. “I would appreciate that.”

“Good.” Bathasar grinned. “In fact, Teman has a few more days left of his denial. I believe it might be good for you to see the end of it. How is that?”

Adel nodded. “That is good. Thank you, Bathasar. And… thank you for not…” He shook his head a little in frustration. “Thank you for being willing to help.”

The grin widened. “Of course. I have the opportunity to see someone else I care about happy.”

“Well, then. When?”

* * *

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