Ah, Adel. You’re FINALLY starting to understand. Just a little. Maybe.

Growth, part 1 ~ Growth, part 37



Bathasar saw through that and Adel knew it. He sighed. “Of course not,” he finally answered, trying to ignore the smile Teman hid with his bowed head.

“I didn’t think so. So, then, you are here to help yourself understand his service?”

Adel pursed his lips as he thought it through. “I am beginning to understand more that he has the need to serve. I believe I have a better idea… um, understanding that it’s simply part of who he is. There are some… instinctual things there, is that right?”

Bathasar nodded, smiling. “Indeed.” He reached out and ran a hand over Teman’s head, as if petting Teman. Adel watched as Teman’s eyes slid closed, obviously in pleasure at the touch. Such a simple touch, but it conveyed so much: tenderness, love, and, still, mastery. Teman held himself still through it, but a shiver ran through the lithe body, despite the control Teman exerted. Bathasar’s hand slid down to wrap around the back of Teman’s neck and Adel couldn’t miss the jump Teman’s cock gave when Bathasar gripped him.

“I have never mastered anyone,” Adel found himself saying. “While I am well aware of what to do with a man in my bed—” He chuckled at Bathasar’s laugh. “—I am not sure how to go about mastering Ghalib.” He sighed and met Bathasar’s grey eyes. “I don’t want to mess this up for him. I’m still a little, well, not confused exactly, but usure how my commanding him helps. But as I want to help him.” He paused then, grudgingly, said, “want him, then I must learn.”

Bathasar nodded again. “I am sure that, given a bit of time, you’ll come to understand. I’ve actually given some thought to how we might help you.” Bathasar’s hand slid around to the side of Teman’s head and Teman shifted, laying it on Bathasar’s knee. Adel considered the expression on Teman’s face, the peace, and thought about giving that to Ghalib. Could he manage it? Could he made Ghalib as happy as Teman seemed to be?


“First, I think you should watch what I do with Teman.”

“I’ve been observing at the dinners. I’m still not sure.” Adel frowned.

Bathasar shook his head. “We are… limited there. I want you to see exactly where Teman goes when he lets go.” Adel must have looked as puzzled as he felt because Bathasar chuckled. “I know, that doesn’t make sense, does it?” Adel shook his head. “When I focus on him, when I command him, master him, he is given the opportunity to please me. Eventually, that ability, takes him to the point where he is no longer focused on anything except me… and pleasure. There is a place in his head that he goes when I do that, a place that allows him to…”

“Float,” Teman murmured. “I stop thinking, stop worrying. I know I’ve pleased him and the pleasure and peace from that is intense.”

Adel blinked at them. “All this from commanding him?”

“Well, there is more than that. Sometimes I give him pain—that took a while for me to learn—sometimes I deny him until he can no longer think. Sometimes it is simply harder service, specific rules, commands, things that I have him do. He finds peace in it and, thus, lets go.”

Adel digested that for a long moment, trying to sort through it all. “Denying him?”

Teman smiled and Bathasar chuckled. “It is one of our favorite games and the first way I learned to master him. Denying him orgasm, controlling them. They are, of course, conditioned to be unable to orgasm without a command. When Ghalib is finished, you will be able to push him to the edge as much and as often as you want, but unless you give him the command, he cannot climax.”

* * *

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