Adel, Adel, Adel… are you REALLY still fighting this?

Growth, part 1 ~ Growth, part 36



Adel let his head fall back against the chair and closed his eyes. He needed help. As much as it galled him to think he was going to have to ask for help with what to do with a pleasure slave, he was man enough to admit he did.

Of course, as soon as he admitted it, he knew exactly who to talk to.

A short while later, he was outside the double doors, greeting Shahid. “Good evening.”

“And to you, ya sayyid. Is His Highness expecting you?”

Adel nodded. “He is. Thank you.”

Shahid opened the door and with another thank you, Adel stepped inside.

The sight that greeted him stopped him dead. Bathasar had a very naked Teman stretched across his lap. One arm supported Teman’s back, the other was currently moving over Teman’s ringed, hard cock. Teman’s hand gripped the arm of the chair Bathasar sat on so tightly his knuckles were white. His face showed a combination of pleasure and what could only be extreme frustration.

“That’s it, love, closer,” Bathasar whispered, but in the otherwise silent room, it still carried to Adel. Teman moaned in reply, his hips rocking. As he did, Bathasar’s hand went lax, stopping the friction. This brought a grunt of frustration from Teman, but he stopped moving. As soon as he did, Bathasar went back to stroking him again.

Adel watched the struggle in Teman to hold still, accept the pleasure. He listened as Bathasar continued encouraging him in whispers. Adel knew he needed to get out of there. He guessed Bathasar had forgotten their meeting and started to back toward the door, but as soon as he took a step, Bathasar’s eyes flicked up to meet Adel’s and he realized the scene in front of him was something he was intended to see. He stopped moving, waited, and watched.

Bathasar went back to stroking Teman, and Adel understood he was pushing Teman closer to the edge of orgasm. He guessed it was to deny Teman and that was confirmed a moment later when Teman cried out and Bathasar let go. “Very good, love, very good,” Bathasar said and Teman shuddered, obviously in need. Teman let a whine out, but didn’t move, though his knuckles seemed even whiter where he gripped the chair. “What do you need, love?”

Teman whined again, quivering with the effort to hold still. Bathasar prompted him again and finally Teman spit out, “Need to come. Please, Bathasar, please let me come…”

Bathasar hummed, brushing his thumb over the tip of Teman’s cock, smearing the precum that leaked out. Teman groaned, muscles straining as he held still. “Not yet, love,” Bathasar finally said, “not yet. Not tonight. But soon, love. Soon, your denial will end. And it will be beautiful.” He kissed Teman on the temple, stroked Teman a few more times, wrenching another series of moans from Teman’s throat, then let go again. “You’ve pleased me so well, love. So well.” Another kiss, a bit of petting then Teman’s eyes opened and Adel could see him breathing easier.

“Thank you, Bathasar,” Teman said, though the words came out a little stilted.

“Thank you, my love. Now, on the cushion, presentation position. Let’s show Adel how beautiful your sevice is.”

Teman sucked in a breath and glanced over toward Adel quickly before nodding. “Yes, Bathasar,” he murmured, then in an amazingly graceful, fluid move, slid off Bathasar’s lap and down onto the cushion at Bathasar’s feet where he knelt, knees wide, cock still hard and red, jutting proudly between his legs, head bowed, and hands resting on his thighs. That’s when Adel noticed the small clamps affixed to Teman’s hard nipples and the thin gold chains hanging between them and connecting to the cock ring and collar. Adel’s mind immediately filled in the image of those things adorning a naked Ghalib and Adel’s half-hard cock filled the rest of the way.

“Hello, my friend,” Bathasar said and Adel had to shake his head to clear it. “I wondered how long it would take for you to come see me.”

Adel wanted to scowl, be annoyed at how easily Bathasar read him. But they’d been friends for too many years and he just sighed. “Too long, I think,” Adel said, crossing the room to take the seat Bathasar held his hand toward. “Thank you for meeting with me.”

Bathasar inclined his head in reply. “Ghalib?” he asked.

Adel nodded, glancing at Teman, who hadn’t moved so much as a muscle. “Yes. I’m guessing you’ve heard what happened when I went to talk to him.”

Bathasar’s grin annoyed him, but he forced the annoyance away. “I have, yes. Are you formally claiming him for yourself, then?”

Adel couldn’t resist the scowl over that. “Claiming?”

“Is there a better word?” Bathasar asked. “Will you be sending him back after a night?”

His scowl only deepened, partially because the thought of Ghalib going to anyone else pissed him off to no end. And partially because Bathasar did know him so well and he was being put in the exact position he’d tried to tell himself he wasn’t going to be in. He wanted Ghalib, he wanted to be with Ghalib and he wanted to give Ghalib a chance to serve someone who wouldn’t abuse that service. But he’d convinced himself he’d only keep the boy long enough to introduce him to pleasure the right way.

* * *

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