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Growth, part 1 ~ Growth, part 35



Nadir smiled. “That’s a question they’ve been asking for ages. No one understands how these things happen. No one knows why they happen the way they do. I probably fell in love with Cyrus over years. I felt it build, blossom from our friendship, from protecting each other. And yet, when I fell in love with Bathasar… it blindsided me. I had no idea it had been so… big, so brilliant. I hadn’t wanted to, at the time. I was so confused, I didn’t know how to handle it. I loved Cyrus, how could I love Bathasar, too? And yet, I did.”

Ghalib shook his head. “I don’t think I could love two people.”

Nadir shrugged a shoulder. “Many couldn’t, I am sure. And that’s okay. That’s not the point, though.”

I’m not… I’m not in love with him,” Ghalib mumbled.

Probably not,” Nadir agreed. “You don’t know him very well yet.”

But… I like him. Even though he makes me so angry I could… just… break something.”

Nadir laughed. “I understand that. That’s all part of it. I’m sure you frustrate him.”

Ghalib couldn’t resist a small smile at that. “I do tend to cause a lot of scowls.”

See?” Nadir grinned. “There is a reason he doesn’t want anyone else to touch you. There is a reason he wants to be your first.”

Ghalib shook his head, frowning. “You said it yourself, that is coveted. He just—”

No,” Nadir said, firmly. “I don’t believe that is all. You forget, he has never taken slaves before.”

Why?” Ghalib asked, puzzled.

Nadir shrugged his shoulder again. “I don’t know. I suspect he is simply someone who doesn’t focus on pleasure like others do. There are rumors that his father was very… well, let’s just say not particular about who he took to his bed. The former qadi was before my time here, but a few of the slaves remember him. They all say that he had a big appetite when it came to sex. It’s possible that’s caused Qadi Adel to shy away from anything like that.”

Ghalib frowned. He could admit that made a certain amount of sense. He chewed his lip. Perhaps that would mean he might not be so ready to get rid of him, then, either. “Do you think…” He shook his head, frustrated at himself. Slave or servant, it didn’t matter. There was a reason no one believed His Highness could truly love his slave. There was a reason no one was willing to credit the rumors of their relationship. The nobility played with the slaves, but they didn’t truly fall in love with them. The malik and Teman were different.

Try not to let yourself get stuck with these worries yet. Give Adel a chance to prove he’s not like the other nobles.”

Ghalib chuckled. “He has done that, no doubt.”

See?” Nadir leaned in and kissed him on the temple. “Do as he’s asked. Focus on your conditioning and training and give him a chance.” Ghalib nodded, taking a breath. “And you have done beautifully today. Your conditioning is coming along very well. I believe we will be able to move forward soon.”

Ghalib took one more breath then did his best to let go of Adel for the moment. “What is the next portion?”

Nadir grinned. “Command conditioning. Working with you until you are unable to orgasm without one.”

Ghalib felt the blood drain from his face… and right into his caged cock.

* * *

Adel was getting tired of pacing. He’d been doing too much of it lately and he stopped himself—again—and threw himself into the chair by the fire. He got lost in the flames, trying unsuccessfully to keep from picturing a specific servant-turned-slave.

He’d gone every night of the last week for dinner in the Grand Hall. He’d spent the hours watching the slaves and the masters who’d requested them for the night, watching Teman with Bathasar, trying to understand. He’d watched the slaves be fed, watched them teased. He’d seen a few masters have their slaves suck them from under the table. It’d both embarrassed and aroused Adel to think about Ghalib doing that.

Despite what he’d witnessed, he was no closer to it than he had been when he’d walked out of Cyrus’s office. He had to admit he needed more help. And that meant talking to one person.

It took him a few more days to try to get the time. He did have business to complete while he was in the city. He had messages and requests from his villa, breeders and trainers to answer. He had research to do in the palace library. He couldn’t spend all of his time trying to figure out Ghalib and what to do with the boy.

He had to stop thinking of Ghalib as a boy.

That seemed easier said than done, however. It wasn’t that he wasn’t aware of Ghalib’s age. On the contrary, he was very aware of it, especially when he thought about the fit, lean body he’d touched. Of course, that only succeeded in causing him other problems. He felt a bit like a boy himself, dealing with an over-eager portion of of his anatomy. He’d spent more than one night in bed recovering his breathing and cleaning a mess off his chest.

But no, Ghalib’s age was very obvious to him. So he didn’t quite understand his inability to let go of the word boy.

It, however, was the least of his worries.

He still didn’t know, exactly, what to do with Ghalib, outside the obvious. He was well aware of how much he’d like to touch, feel, and taste Ghalib. That wasn’t the issue. But he had no idea how to take care of Ghalib’s service.

He’d seen enough from Bathasar to know he needed to. If he didn’t want to chase the boy away. He just didn’t know what to do.

* * *

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