Oh, Adel, it’s about damned time you gave a little.

Growth, part 1 ~ Growth, part 31



Perhaps, however, it was time to give in on something, something he couldn’t remember, in that moment, why he had been so insistent on. Maybe it was because his cock was still hard, the sounds of Ghalib’s cries still echoed in his ears, and the image of Ghalib aroused and needy wouldn’t likely leave him for a very long time. He considered the look on Cyrus’s face but couldn’t quite figure out what the man was thinking. He needed to take the chance, because the thought of anyone else being inside of Ghalib… well, he couldn’t stand it. He didn’t know what that meant, but he just couldn’t stand it.

“Would I be out of line to ask he not be given to anyone else first?”

Adel had a feeling he’d asked exactly the question Cyrus was expecting, because the smile that broke across Cyrus’s face was wide. “Of course that’s not out of line. His training, so far, is going well. I expect his conditioning will be in place sooner than many others, though his training in giving pleasure will, of course, take longer. When he is finished, I can let you know and you can tell me then, if you’d like to request him before he is offered to the rest of the nobility.”

He couldn’t do more than give a nod. “When he…” He paused and cleared his throat. “When he is trained in giving pleasure, will he be taken?”

Again, Cyrus’s eyes twinkled and Adel had a feeling he was more transparent than he would have liked. “No. He will be taught to give pleasure with his mouth and hands for both men and women and he will be trained how to take pain, which I think he will do well with. But no, since he has never been with anyone before, his virginity will remain intact.”

Adel swallowed and managed another nod. “Very well, then. I will be interested to know when he has completed his… training.”

Cyrus’s smile wided. “Of course. Now, let me speak with Nadir and we will give you time to talk to Ghalib.”

“Thank you.”

Cyrus bowed his head and stepped from the room. Adel, with no way to channel the excess energy coursing through him, paced. He paused long enough to adjust himself—his cock was finally going soft again—but then walked the room, trying to ignore the wind he was once more aware of. And trying to think of how to say what he needed to say to Ghalib.

The trouble was… he wasn’t sure anymore what that should be.

Did he still try to talk Ghalib out of this? He had to admit what Cyrus told him made at least some amount of sense. But there still had to be some other way for Ghalib to be happy. But… what was it?

He still hadn’t figured anything out when the door opened a few moments later and Ghalib stepped in. Adel’s mouth dried and his cock, which had finally gone soft, filled damned near instantly. Ghalib’s cage was still off, he was still hard and red as if he’d just been stopped from orgasm.

Adel stared at him without speaking for a long moment.

“Ya—uh, Adel?” Ghalib asked. He looked… wary and that snapped Adel out of his stupor.

“Hello, Ghalib. I have asked for a moment to speak with you. I… I made a promise to His Highness that I wouldn’t interrupt your…training—” He stumbled over the word. “Too long. But I had to speak with you. I… I understand a bit more now than I did the last time we spoke.”

“Oh?” Ghalib asked, eyebrows going up.

Adel nodded. “Yes. I… as Bathasar has pointed out, I have a priviledge that those of your station do not. I spend so much time at my villa, that I’m not as aware of it as I am here. But… even with that… surely there is somewhere you can go that your… sexuality isn’t an issue?”

Ghalib frowned and Adel knew he was doing a terrible job of this. “No. I have never been so much as past the gates of Behekam. Where would I go? And I still do not have a craft, there is nothing I could do to provide for myself.”

Adel sighed. “There must be something—”

“Why do you care?” Ghalib asked and Adel scowled at the harsh tone of voice.

“Why does that matter?” Adel countered.

Ghalib snorted. “You are a qadi. Whether you are like the rest or not, there is no reason for you to trouble yourself with some lowly, useless servant not part of your realm.”

“If I am… troubled… it is because I choose to be. Why are you so stubborn?”

Ghalib crossed his arms and stared at Adel, who noted that Ghalib’s cock was still quite hard. “This is my life!” He shook his head. “It is my choice! My sister is well-cared-for and has no need of me any longer. If I have found something that I am good at, I don’t care how it might offend your sensibilities!”

“You’ve never been anywhere! How can you know what you want?”

“I am nineteen years old! Where am I going to go?” Ghalib shouted.

“Somewhere besides a bed with your ass in the air, taking any cock that would fill you!” Adel growled.

Ghalib raised his eyebrows, but the blush on his cheeks was telling. “Why is that so bad? Are you a eunich? Have you taken a vow of celibacy? What is wrong with warming someone’s bed?”

Adel scowled and stalked across the room. Ghalib’s eyes widened and he backed up a half-step before firming his stance and returning the scowl. “You know nothing of warming a bed. Do you think having Nadir’s hand on you gives you the first idea what it is like for that cock to fill someone? For your ass to be spread wide as a man thrusts into you? For your mouth to be stuffed full, your hair pulled and throat coated in seed?” Every sentence added a little bit more color to Ghalib’s cheeks and Adel felt his cock strain at the look of innocence on Ghalib’s face. He leaned in, leaving barely a breath of space between them. “Have you even been kissed, Ghalib? Felt a man’s lips on you, tasted them?”

Ghalib struggled, the answer obvious despite his resistence. Adel waited, watching, letting the silence sit and the air thicken between them until finally, Ghalib shook his head. “I didn’t think so,” Adel growled, then pinned Ghalib to the wall and captured that damnably tempting mouth with his own.

* * *

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