In which Adel’s world is shaken all to hell and back…

Growth, part 1 ~ Growth, part 29



Adel paced the small office, throwing a glare at the shutters when a whine of wind made them rattle. His patience was waning, his need to see Ghalib, convince the man to not be an idiot, nearly overwhelming. In that moment, he soundly cursed his promise to Bathasar.

The door opened and Adel turned to see Cyrus step in. “My apologies, ya sayyid, for keeping you waiting.”

“Adel, please.” Adel waved a hand, trying to force himself to calm down. He would have no chance of convincing a thirsty horse to drink water in his current state of mind, much less talk sense into Ghalib, and he knew it. “It’s quite all right. I understand you are busy.”

Cyrus smiled. “Indeed, but I still didn’t mean to keep you waiting. Please,” he said, holding a hand toward the wall behind the desk. A small square door, not quite the size of a man’s hand, was built into the wall next to a tapestry. If Cyrus hadn’t drawn Adel’s attention to it, he’d never have seen it. Cyrus stepped behind the desk motioning for Adel to join him. “I understand that the former malik had this done to be able to observe training while the slaves were unaware. Once he lost interest, Salehi used it occasionally to monitor things when he was unable to be in the room. And now… it seems it comes in handy for another reason.”

“I had no idea when Bathasar suggested I observe, it would be something like this.” Adel moved up to Cyrus, but hesitated. “I’m not entirely sure this is at all right.”

Cyrus smiled. “I think… I think it is necessary. Let me help you understand what you will see before I show you. All of the slaves are conditioned to arousal, that is that they are ready at any time for the master or mistress they serve to have use of them. For male slaves, that means the ability to be erect at pretty much any time. For females, that is to be wet.

“For those slaves that like to serve, it is a blessing for them, something they wish to have in place. Teman and Nadir do. And Ghalib is like them, I have seen it already. In just the two days he has been with us, I have witnessed his need to please. This is good for him, as it makes the service something he wants to do, a way for him to fulfill a base need.” Adel must have looked as skeptical as he felt. “I know it’s hard to understand. I never felt the same need to please that Nadir and Teman do. I… prefer to be in control, myself. But you do not need to understand it. Instead… accept that it is part of who he is.”

Adel nodded, his mind working through it. He could admit that he probably understood Cyrus more than Adel or Nadir or Teman, though he still wasn’t sure he could simply accept this idea—or any of it, for that matter. Cyrus opened the small door and stepped back. “Nadir is currently working on Ghalib’s conditioning. He is aroused to the smell of the incense, the feel of the chain on his ankle and the sound of the bells. Eventually, those things will keep his body in a state of semi-arousal. When his cage is removed, the release of his cock will complete that. These things—the sound and smell—will also allow him to recover quickly.”

Adel gave Cyrus another nod but he really only heard part of the words. He was too focused on the vision in front of him, a vision that had his own cock hardening almost instantly. Ghalib leaned against a wall on the opposite side of the room, his arms over his head, cuffs attached to a hook in the wall. His legs were spread wide and his cock was hard, red, and dripping precum as Nadir’s hand, wrapped around it, moved fast.

And the most amazing, arousing moans and sounds fell from Ghalib’s lips. Adel’s cock jumped in reaction.

It took everything he had to get control of himself. He took slow deep breaths, though the burning incense didn’t clear his senses like he’d have liked.

Ghalib threw his head back, nearly shouted “Now!” and Nadir let go. Ghalib gasped, breathing hard, his hips rocking, thrusting into the air and Adel’s cock strained even more. He thought of being over there, buried in Ghalib’s ass as Ghalib rode him, rocking like that as he was the one stroking Ghalib’s cock. As the thought hit, a frighteningly powerful mix of jealousy and need slammed into him hard.

“Beautiful, Ghalib, you’re doing wonderfully,” Nadir said, brushing Ghalib’s hair out of his face. Adel watched in fascination as Nadir continued to praise with soft words and Ghalib calmed slowly. A moment later, he turned a wide smile on Nadir. “There you are. Are you okay?” Nadir asked.
Ghalib nodded. “Yes, thank you.”

“Let’s take a break,” Nadir said, sitting up and unhooking Ghalib’s wrists. Adel couldn’t quite tear his gaze away but instead of reaching for his cock to finish the job, Ghalib rested his arms on his knees and accepted the goblet of water Nadir held out. “You are doing so well. You’re—”

Adel stepped back and couldn’t quite look at Cyrus. “Thank you,” he said, reeling from what he’d just watched. He turned and nearly stumbled to a lounger against the wall. He sat hard, resting his elbows on his thighs and dropping his head into his hands as he tried to assimilate what he’d just seen.

None of it, none of Ghalib’s reactions, none of what Ghalib had said made any sense to him. None of his own reaction to the control, the commands, the look on Ghalib’s face seemed to form any sort of coherent understanding.

* * *

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