freefictionfridayavatarIn which Ghalib finally starts to get a real clue what he’s in for.

Growth, part 1 ~ Growth, part 28



He tried not to let himself be embarrassed. He reminded himself this was what he should want, the pleasure, the arousal was a good thing. He swallowed around his dry throat and took a deep breath. “Let’s move over here,” Cyrus said, holding a hand toward the cushions against the one wall. Ghalib chose a pillow along the middle of the wall, Nadir settling in next to him while Cyrus retrieved something from the small table near the armchair. When he returned, Ghalib saw what looked like a silver bracelet full of tiny bells. Cyrus handed it to Nadir then returned to the armchair and Ghalib heard the strike of a flame. A moment later, the rich, spicy scent of incense filled the room.

“This is the smell I mentioned. We burn it at all times here in the slaves’ wing. I am sure you’ve noticed it elsewhere.”

Ghalib nodded. “Yes. Many of the nobility burn it and it is usually used in the Great Hall.”

“Yes. It’s for the slaves, to keep their conditioning in place.”

Nadir took Ghalib’s hands and raised them over his head as Cyrus settled into the chair near the fire. Ghalib looked up as the loops on his wrist cuffs were fitted over one of the hooks above him. Then Nadir guided his hands to the peg above the hook and Ghalib understood: it was something to hold on to, rather than letting him dangle from the cuffs.

Despite expecting it, Ghalib still wasn’t prepared for the sudden, almost violent arousal that coursed through him when Nadir took his cock in hand and started stroking it. Within a very short time, he was harder than he could ever remember being and he struggled with the gasps at just how good it felt. Once his cock had hardened completely, Nadir sat back, picked up the bracelet and put it around Ghalib’s ankle.

“We mentioned you would be conditioned to smell—the incense burning now, but you will also be conditioned to sound—the sound of bells. We’ve discovered that, though we use these to condition you—and keep the conditioning in place later—any similar, light bells also work.” Cyrus grinned. “Including those used on the harnesses of the horses we sometimes ride. Nadir found that out last year.”

Nadir grinned. “Indeed. We traveled to the horse lands to the north where His Highness breeds horses for the royal stables. The entire way there, Zia had bells on her bridle and reins and so, I was stimulated the whole time.”

Ghalib’s eyes widened. “That would be…”

“Indeed, it was. His Highness was always good at taking care of us, though, never forgetting how our conditioning worked and often made sure we were relieved.” Nadir leaned in again, wrapping his hand once more around Ghalib’s cock and Ghalib’s eyes slid closed as the pleasure hit again. Despite himself, he couldn’t seem to hold in a moan at the feel. As soon as it slipped out, he bit his lip.

“Go ahead, let your sounds out,” Nadir murmured as he slid his hand slowly from the base of Ghalib’s cock to the tip then just as slowly back down again. “There may be a master who wishes you to be silent but many more like to hear your sounds, so let them out.”

Ghalib made a conscious effort to do as Nadir instructed. He’d spent a long time hiding his sounds, keeping what he was doing private. The last thing he’d needed was to have one of the other footmen or pages walk in and see him giving himself pleasure. Because he’d had no doubt whatsoever that if he’d been caught by one of those he’d been attracted to, just them seeing him would have sent him over the edge. As such, he’d always been as quiet as possible, but he took a deep breath and when Nadir stroked him again, let the soft moan out.

“Good, that’s good,” Cyrus encouraged him and Ghalib felt the approval fuel him. Ghalib worked to let go, let himself simply feel the pleasure. He focused on Nadir’s hand, so tight, feeling so incredibly good. Nadir dragged it slowly again from balls to tip, then ran his rough palm over the head. Ghalib moaned, rocking his hips, unconsciously seeking more sensation, more of anything, he didn’t know what, just more. Nadir didn’t disappoint, moving his hand faster, twisting slightly and teasing Ghalib’s balls, as well. Precum flowed from the tip and Nadir used it, spreading it with his thumb over the sensitive head, making Ghalib even more crazy. Before he knew it, in what was a ridiculously short time, he was flying toward the edge of orgasm, his balls tightening, the need for climax hitting him hard.

Just as he thought he’d go over, Nadir pulled his hand away and Ghalib’s cock jumped with the denied climax. Ghalib groaned, back arching, unable to stop himself, his hips rocking again as need rioted through him. “I know,” Nadir murmured. “I know, you need so badly, but not yet, Ghalib.”

With effort, Ghalib kept the whine contained as he struggled to remember how to simply breathe. Eventually, he managed, eyes opening to look at Nadir, who smiled at him.

“Yes, good. I know this is difficult, but you are doing beautifully. Now, listen, okay?”

Ghalib took another breath and nodded.

“Good. You cannot allow yourself to orgasm yet. You must let me know if you get too close. I can usually stop it myself, but if I do not, you must tell me. Okay?”

Ghalib nodded, still not sure he could speak coherently.

“Very good. Remember what we said, Ghalib. If we let you orgasm too much, then it will take longer and be much more difficult for you.” Nadir smiled then took Ghalib’s cock in hand once more. Yet again, Ghalib struggled as his body was violently aroused, drove toward the edge of orgasm and denied. This time, the whine didn’t stay contained completely and when Ghalib realized he let it out, he blushed.

“It’s all right, Ghalib,” Cyrus said and Ghalib looked up, not realized the man had moved next to him. Cyrus brushed some of Ghalib’s hair off of his face. “This is not easy, we know. But you’re doing well. Remember that you want to make these connections, so think about the scent, think about the bells—” He paused and ran his fingers over the tiny bells on Ghalib’s ankle. “And think about those as they go with the pleasure, okay?”

Ghalib swallowed then nodded one more time.

Cyrus smiled and Ghalib had a brief moment to realize the man was quite gorgeous. Cyrus’s smile really lit up his face. Ghalib took a few seconds to appreciate it and as he did another face flashed through his mind. That succeeded in pulling his attention away from Cyrus. He so did not want to think about Adel right then. He didn’t need to equate the man with arousal any more than he already had. Which was, in Ghalib’s opinion, too much.

He closed his eyes instead and took a deep inhale of the incense then shifted the foot with the bracelet on, jingling the bells. Then he opened his eyes, looked up at Nadir, and nodded.

“Good. Again.” Nadir smiled and started stroking him once more.

* * *

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