Another installment of Free Fiction Friday!  In which Ghalib is trying to get a handle on everything, but… yeah, not so easy. It’s okay, dear, you’ll get it… sooner than you might want.

Growth, part 1 ~ Growth, part 27



“Now, then,” Cyrus said, sitting forward. “You will want to work on sitting in that position. You will always have a cushion or something to sit on, but it takes a bit to find the right way to kneel so that you are comfortable for a while. Even so, you will have to move. Bathasar tries to encourage the masters and mistresses to not keep you in that position for too long—I have, on more than one occasion, not been able to stand for some time—but he can only force so much.”

Ghalib nodded. “I can see how that would happen. I once got stuck when scrubbing a floor. I’d been working on a particularly stubborn spot and when I went to get up… I couldn’t.”

Nadir laughed. “Oh, we’ve all been there. So be sure to shift just enough so that you do not have that problem. If a master gives you any trouble for that, let us know. Okay?”

Ghalib raised his eyebrows. “Okay.”

“Bathasar does not tolerate mistreatment. Under any circumstances,” Cyrus said. “You are to report anything that makes you truly uncomfortable. Your limits are your own here. Yes, you may not choose your masters,” he added at Ghalib’s look. “They will order you to do many things that you will have to do. Anything when it comes to otherwise normal sex is well within their rights to request. But if there is something that you are truly uncomfortable with, something that hurts in a bad way or anything like that, you are to tell us about it. Do you understand?”

“I do. That… well, I have heard stories of things that happened under…” Ghalib closed his mouth. Despite the comfort he felt with these two, he realized talking ill of a former malik was not the wisest idea.

“Under Malik Mukesh, yes.” Nadir nodded. “He was a foul, horrible person and Neyem is much better off without him.”

Ghalib’s eyes widened and he stared, open-mouthed at Nadir.

Nadir smiled. “I have no qualms about telling it like it is about that man. I was on the receiving end of his treatment too many times. Bathasar has encouraged me to speak my feelings and so I do.”

Cyrus gave Nadir a smile filled with more than Ghalib could understand and Ghalib looked away briefly until Cyrus spoke. “Now, I said earlier that the word training isn’t entirely accurate. There is training but we will get to that much later. First, you must be conditioned to arousal. The pleasure slaves learn to equate in their minds certain sounds and smells to pleasure and arousal. When the conditioning is complete, your body and mind will make the connentions for you without conscious thought. Eventually, you will reach a point where, when your cage is removed, your cock will harden immediately.”

Nadir took over, hand running once more down Ghalib’s back. “Once you are conditioned to arousal, you will be also be conditioned to a command. That is, there will be a point where you will no longer be able to orgasm without one and you will not be able to give that command to yourself. I believe you will… appreciate that, when we get there. Especially when you start to serve your masters.”

Ghalib had thought about that quite a bit since Teman had told him about it. He had, of course, been used to giving himself pleasure. It had been the only pleasure he’d had since he discovered such things. But he’d seen Teman’s face when they’d discussed it and the look had been one of pure happiness. Ghalib wasn’t sure he understood yet, but he’d committed to this and, despite any trepidation, he wanted to give it everything. “Is… I…” He shook his head at himself. He would not ask about a “what if” he didn’t want to stay. He would, he was sure of it, and entertaining the idea would only make things more difficult. “Teman told me about it. I… I don’t know exactly how I feel but… I want to do this, so…” he let the sentence go, and Nadir smiled.

“Don’t worry so. You’ll be fine. And that is in the future.”

“Before we start in on your conditioning, you should understand something about it.” Ghalib turned his attention back to Cyrus, though he found it a bit difficult to focus with Nadir’s hands on him. Nadir didn’t seem to be deliberately arousing him or anything, they were just light touches—teasing his spine or brushing his hair aside or simply resting on his back, but as unused to them as Ghalib was, they were a bit distracting. And, he was a little embarrassed to note, they were affecting him quite a bit. His cock was already starting to strain against the cage. He forced his attention back to Cyrus.

“Something that took us a while to learn when we went through the training all those years ago is that if you work with the conditioning—actively think about the pleasure and the sound and smell—it will go faster. If you want to be conditioned, the conditioning goes much more smoothly.”

Ghalib nodded. “That… that makes sense.” He swallowed, this throat drying when Nadir ran that hand down his back again.

“One last thing, then I believe we should get started. I will allow release, but only rarely during your conditioning. We’ve found that some release is necessary. Without any, the conditioning actually takes longer. Likewise, if we allow you orgasm too often, it will also take longer for your conditioning to be in place.”

Ghalib cleared his throat. “Okay, that also makes sense.” He found himself more than a little nervous as he watched Cyrus pull a key ring off of his belt and flip through the keys. He selected one and sat forward, fitting it into the lock on Ghalib’s cage. With the touches from Nadir, his cock was already half-hard and when the cage was removed, it jumped.

* * *

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