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Growth, part 1 ~ Growth, part 26


Ghalib found himself relaxing quite a bit. Cyrus and Nadir kept the light banter going between themselves, letting Ghalib simply listen. It helped him not feel so self-conscious and unsure. He certainly hadn’t forgotten he was naked, but he hadn’t consciously thought of it, either. And since he knew what he had to do—eat his meal—he could simply worry about it and not question anything.

When the food was consumed and they’d washed up, they led him across the hall to the door Cyrus had shown him earlier. The fire in the training room had been lit some time ago and started to burn down. Cyrus bent down and set another log on the fire then turned and motioned to a cushion. “Please, take a seat.”

It took Ghalib a moment to find a comfortable way to sit. The chair had been no problem—he’d been able to keep his legs apart, thereby allowing the cage to sit between them. Here, however, it wanted to get caught. After glancing at Cyrus and Nadir, who were preoccupied with other things, he adjusted his cock and resettled it, finally finding a comfortable way to sit.

“The first thing you will learn,” Nadir said, settling in on a cushion next to him, “is how to present yourself to your master. We have two positions for you to worry about when you are being evaluated or addressed by a master. When you are standing, you must clasp your hands behind the small of your back, keeping your feet braced apart and head down. Always keep your head bowed unless your master tells you otherwise.”

Ghalib nodded and frowned, wondering if that applied there, as well. He decided he’d be better off asking. “Is… do I do that with you, too?”

Cyrus smiled, approval in the expression, which Ghalib liked seeing. “That is a good question, but no. Here, especially outside the training room, we would prefer you didn’t worry about protocol. But even inside the training room, unless we tell you otherwise, you need not worry. Be comfortable, relax. There are many times you must worry about these things, so with us, we want you to be able to let go of that.”

Ghalib nodded slowly. “I understand.”

Nadir grinned. “Good. Now, for the other position… I told you earlier that the masters will evaluate you—they will want to look at your cock, touch your balls, your ass and anything else. What we call the ‘presentation position’ makes this easier both on you and the master. You will sit up on you knees with them spread, your hands will rest, palms up, on your thighs. Like this.” Nadir sat up on his cushion, getting into the position he’d described.

Ghalib watched carefully, understanding dawning. Though Nadir was not naked, Ghalib could see how much would be open to a prospective master this way. Without being told, he shifted until he sat similarly.

“Good,” Cyrus said, nodding. “There are a few adjustments. Remember to keep your head bowed.” Ghalib lowered his head. “Yes. Good. Also, your bottom should rest on your heels, allowing you to be opened.”

He helped Ghalib shift and once he’d stepped back, Ghalib’s cheeks had colored a bit. He knew every bit of himself was on display and though he’d known to expect it, knowing this and experiencing it were two very different things. For the first time since his bath, he felt awfully exposed.

“Good. That’s beautiful,” Cyrus murmured and the pleased tone made Ghalib feel a bit better.

“Very,” Nadir agreed. “Ghalib, you are very beautiful. You have a body most masters will be thrilled to touch and enjoy.” He brushed at Ghalib’s hair, and Ghalib glanced toward Nadir to see a smile. “Oh yes.” He ran a hand down Ghalib’s back, touch ghosting over muscles and skin then teasing Ghalib’s ass. “Have you been touched here by anyone other than me?”

Ghalib hesitated, then shook his head. “No, uh… M—” Ghalib hesitated for another second. “Do I call you Master?”

Nadir smiled and shook his head. “No. Call me Nadir. Call him Cyrus.”

Ghalib nodded. “Okay.”

“Have you done anything with anyone else?”

Again, Ghalib shook his head. “No.” His cheeks, despite his best efforts, burned again.

Nadir ran a hand over his back. “That is nothing to be ashamed of, Ghalib. We both understand.”

Ghalib looked up and Nadir nodded. “I…” He paused and took a deep breath. “I have never done anything with anyone else. Not… not even a kiss.”

Nadir’s eyes widened briefly before he mastered himself. “That is just fine. We will teach you what you need to learn.”

“I suspect that if word of that gets out, he will be highly sought after,” Cyrus said, thoughtfully.

“Oh, indeed,” Nadir agreed and Ghalib blinked at them.

“I… but… why?”

Nadir smiled. “There is something about being someone’s first, Ghalib. Though you will have some of those here, in training. There are other things we will not need to do with you. And if the masters know that you have not been touched in a certain way, they will want to be that first.”

Ghalib considered them for a moment. “I can see that. I—” Adel’s face flashed into Ghalib’s mind then and he frowned. Now was a bad time to think of that man. True, he’d been very affected by Adel’s touch. But Ghalib had overheard the qadi mention on more than on occasion that he didn’t take slaves, so it didn’t matter. He pushed the thought from his mind and shook his head. “Okay. Is there anything special I must do?”

Nadir shook his head. “No. We will take it into consideration during your training but aside from being taught to give pleasure—since you do not have experience doing so—there will be no difference.”

Ghalib breathed a sigh of relief and let go of the brief fear that this would somehow disqualify him from serving.


* * *

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