Hello and welcome back to Free Fiction Friday! We’re back to the prequels to Turning His Life Around! There are seven parts to this one, called Jealousy, and five more short stories after this one. Yay! 🙂

Please remember that the guys are technically underage in these. Any sex is fairly tame (described, yes, but tame) until much later in the series.

If you haven’t read Turning yet, you might consider checking it out. These stories make a lot more sense if you’ve read it first. These should also be read in order:

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I hope you enjoy it! Thanks for reading and feel free to let me know what you think. I always love to hear from my readers. 😀

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* * *




“Stop. Oh God, stop, Hayden, stop!” Ian pulled on Hayden’s hair, tugging harder than he meant to, but he was already getting so close.

Hayden moved off him then, and he sat up, capturing Hayden’s lips and losing himself again in that wonderful mouth. “Mmm. I could kiss you all day,” Hayden murmured and Ian pulled back to look at him. The look in Hayden’s eyes nearly made him crazy and he brought his mouth back in and attacked, this kiss hard and full of teeth.

His cock dribbled pre-cum in a steady stream now. He was so hard it nearly hurt. He needed desperately. Needed Hayden, needed to feel this person that he loved. But he wanted to taste too. He pushed Hayden over, kissing his way down Hayden’s body, nibbling here and nipping there. He paused to tongue one nipple and thrilled at the sharp gasp he got from it. He gave the same to the other then continued down over the pale skin.

When he got to Hayden’s cock, he didn’t give himself time to think or wonder or worry, he opened his mouth and swallowed as much of it as he could. He moaned around the cock in his mouth, the taste and feel incredible to him, earning himself a hiss. He slid his mouth off, then back down again and tried to relax his throat a little to take more in. When he managed, his nose touching hair, Hayden let out a very loud, “FUCK, Ian!”

Ian sucked lightly, moved his mouth off and back down once more then Hayden was his hair pulling, much like he’d done to Hayden. With reluctance, he sat up. Hayden sat up as well and pulled him close again, lips claiming.

Claiming him. That’s what it felt like. Hayden moved his lips over Ian’s neck and down, then sucked a bit of the skin into his mouth hard enough to break blood vessels and mark. “Mine,” Hayden whispered against the bruise and a shiver run through Ian at the tone.

“Yours,” Ian agreed, his hands spearing through the mass of unruly hair. When Hayden pulled back, Ian leaned in and put his own mark on Hayden’s skin. “Mine,” he said, echoing the sentiment.

“Yours.” Hayden paused to brush his lips over Ian’s. “Only yours,” he whispered and the fast and hard slowed to soft in a blink.

Hayden pulled Ian closer, wrapping him into a tight hold, their lips brushing, nibbling, and loving. They ran their hands over each other’s bodies, feeling, exploring, and learning. They brushed their fingertips over muscles, dips, and ridges drawing new gasps.

Somewhere along the line, Hayden lay back down, pulling Ian with him and the skin to skin contact brought the need and want close enough to the surface to eclipse any prior thoughts of going slow. Hayden grabbed Ian’s hand and guided it toward his ass.

“Ian…” he said. That was all; just his name and Ian knew what he wanted. He grabbed the bottle on the floor next to them and sat up enough to open it. One of Hayden’s hands threaded through Ian’s hair and played with it as he worked to ready Hayden, his gaze glued to Ian’s face.


Hayden watched the play of emotions as they crossed Ian’s features: the worry, the want and the need and when his lover glanced up and those warm brown eyes met his, the love. His breath hitched and stuttered in his chest. He’d almost fucked this up, almost lost this person.

Then his thoughts derailed completely when the fingers probed and stretched. He closed his eyes, his back arching when one of them hit the bundle of nerves. A loud moan escaped and he tightened the hand he had buried in Ian’s hair. “God, baby…,” he breathed.


Ian relaxed a little at those words, at the knowledge that he’d caused that kind of pleasure. But his nervousness got worse again when he moved into position. He shook just a little, his hands not quite steady.

Hayden apparently saw it and rolled them. He kissed Ian again, another slow, soft and thorough one guaranteed to scramble Ian’s brain.

And it succeeded. Ian found himself on his back with Hayden moving down slowly onto his cock.

“Oh God, Hayden…,” Ian moaned loudly. His hands went to Hayden’s hips, and Hayden paused when he was all the way down. Both gasped for breath, both fighting for that tenuous and ever elusive control.

“You feel so good, Ian,” Hayden whispered before he began moving. Hayden rose up then lowered himself again, staying slow, and Ian could tell by the look in Hayden’s eye that it wasn’t just for his, Ian’s, control.

After only a few more of these, however, Ian was sure he was going to go insane and he squeezed Hayden’s hips. He sat up, pulling Hayden in for a kiss and tried to guide him into a faster pace. “Need more of you,” Ian moaned. “Please…”

And so Hayden gave, and Ian took. When Hayden lifted his hips up, Ian lay back again and started thrusting up into him, needing more, pushing for Hayden’s pleasure. He wanted, no, demanded Hayden’s moans and gasps.

Hayden leaned back a little, bracing himself on Ian’s thighs and started to ride with abandon. “Oh God, Ian. Oh…fuck…” His head fell back, the muscles in his stomach and legs bunching with strain as he moved his body.

“Hayden…” Ian warned. He tried to slow it down, tried to draw it out, this, their first time together, but it was no use.

No matter how good the intentions are, the body has its own agenda. The pleasure still built, still drew them in and Hayden’s nails dug into skin as their movements sped up and need took over. Moans got louder, rhythms broke, and thrusts turned erratic. “Oh God, Hayden…” Ian moaned as Hayden rode him hard.

“Yes, Ian! Oh fuck, Ian… I’m… I’m… oh God!” Hayden babbled, his eyes flying open in shock as his body shuddered and shook. He slammed down onto Ian hard once more and his cock jumped as he released a huge spray of cum, coating Ian’s chest and stomach in the thick white liquid.

The sight of Hayden coming with nothing other than Ian’s body buried inside him was a heady thought that took the building pleasure, tightening balls and nerves that were just on a razor’s edge and threw them into one of the most intense orgasm Ian had ever experienced. He shouted Ian’s name, surging up into him, back arched, head thrown back, hands tight enough to bruise and sight disappearing.


* * *

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