Confusion is another relatively short prequel to Turning His Life Around that features Kenji (YAY!  Kenji is my favorite! -Mr. Grace) and Ian primarily and helps establish more of their prior relationship after Kenji left to join the military.

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“You know where everything is,” Ian said.

“Yeah, but first, you promised.” Kane stepped up, dragging Kenji into a kiss. Kenji wrapped his arms around Kane and pulled him in. One hand tangled in the spikes and Kane’s slid his hands down to cup Kenji’s ass. Their lips nibbled and nipped, long and slow brushes then they opened to each other, tongues tangling for a much longer taste.

Kenji pulled back a moment later, both of them more than a little breathless. “Damn, Kane…” He cleared his throat, then dropped another kiss on Kane’s lips before stepping back. “Really need to go shower. Before I’m tempted to do more to you two than kiss.”

Kane and Ian chuckled. “Wouldn’t want to make you do that,” Ian said.

Kenji shook his head. “Don’t tempt me. Let me put it this way, the last time I did something that didn’t involve my hand was our camping trip.”

“Holy shit!” Kane exclaimed, his eyes widening comically.

“Uh, we’re going have to fix that, sooner rather than later,” Ian said. He turned, intending to just drop another light kiss on his friend but got pulled in for another long slow one that he couldn’t quite resist. “Haven’t forgotten how to use those lips,” Ian muttered, then shook his head and swatted at Kenji’s butt. “But first things first, go get your shower. You’ll feel better.” He nudged Kenji toward the hallway and Kenji wasted no more time.

“I don’t know what I’d do if I went six months without anything,” Kane said, staring at the doorway Kenji had just gone through.

“Well, I’m sure that, at least part of that time, he was a little preoccupied with, you know, training. Especially if that ass is anything to go by,” Ian said, his own eyes locked on the spot Kenji had been.

Kane snorted. “Yeah, true. But even so.” He shook his head. “Well, we’re just going to have to make sure he gets plenty before he goes back.” Kane grinned, sending a look at Ian. “Wouldn’t want to send him back frustrated or anything.”

“No, wouldn’t want that. Gee, this could be such a horrible thing, having lots of sex with Kenji.” Ian snickered.

“You act like you never get any.” Kane rolled his eyes and shook his head. “Just… go make sure he’s got everything he needs. I’ll see if I can figure out dinner. Mom’s not due home until late tonight.”

“Oh, now that is a crime. The house to ourselves? With Kenji?” Ian chuckled, turning down the hallway.

“You are a perv,” Kane called and Ian just waved a hand over his shoulder in answer.

Ian headed down the hall and started to knock on the bathroom door, but grinned wickedly and opened it silently instead. He leaned in to see the shadow of Kenji behind the shower curtain, currently working on washing his hair. As he turned around to rinse, Ian got a glimpse of Kenji’s very hard cock and he just couldn’t resist.

He closed the door as quietly as he’d opened it and stripped quickly. When Kenji turned back, he slipped in behind and reached around, wrapping a hand around the hard length and giving one long slow stroke from base to tip. “Fuck, Ian,” Kenji moaned, his arms coming back, hands reaching for something on Ian to touch.

“How’d you know it was me?” Ian whispered against his back, dropping a trail of kisses over the muscles.

“Mm. I remember your touch,” he answered in an equally quiet voice, then turned back around, pulling Ian into his arms and pinning Ian against the wall. Lips met, tongues tangled and things heated quickly. “God… missed you…,” Kenji whispered, nipping at Ian’s lips and sucking one in to bite down gently.

Ian groaned loudly, his fingers tangling in the soft brown hair. “I’m glad it’s grown out a little,” he said, when they broke apart.

“Now that I’m out of basic, it just has to stay off my collar.” Kenji rocked into Ian, their arousals rubbing and Ian let another moan loose. “Kane know you’re in here?” Kenji asked, but didn’t wait for an answer, diving in for another of those long thorough kisses.

“He sent me to make sure you didn’t need anything,” Ian managed during a break when air demanded attention.

Kenji grinned. “I need you,” he said, nipping again at Ian’s lips then moving down over chin and neck, leaving a trail of light bites.

“Oh fuck, Kenji, you’re too good at that.” Ian ground into him, hands tightening in his hair, tugging gently and dragging a moan from him. “More… fuck, more.”

“Mmm. I can do that,” Kenji whispered, pulling back and reaching for the conditioner on the shelf. He poured a little into his hands and coated his fingers with it, lifting one of Ian’s legs and pushing two of those fingers into his friend. “Goddamn, you’re tight. I thought you and Kane were still fucking each other.”

“Been a little while. Had finals,” Ian forced out around his moans and loosing a loud one when Kenji hit his prostate. “Usually…” he paused again, nearly losing his train of thought, “Usually not b-b… fuck…” He gave up trying to speak and let the grunts and moans take over instead.