Comfort is another prequel to Turning His Life Around and happens within a year of Jealousy.

Major (capital “M”) angst and have tissues at the ready for this story.

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* * *

“Mmmm,” Ian replied, leaning in to his best friend.  Their lips met and Ian was reminded of that fluttery feeling again. Kenji was good with his lips, Kane had been right about that, but there was always something else with Kane that he could never quite put his finger on.  He shoved the thought aside and put his energy into kissing his friend.

They broke apart and Ian watched as Kenji and Kane kissed too, and he found himself getting even more turned on. “You know, maybe we should finish this in the tent,” he said in a low voice.

The other two pulled back and glanced over at him. Kane nodded and stood up.  Without another word, they worked quickly to put the campfire out and clean up the few things that they’d left out.  Then they were crawling into the tent and pulled shoes off in silence before settling in on their sleeping bags.

“Do we bother with the truth or dare?” Kenji asked Ian who shook his head. They looked over at Kane who smiled.

“I could have skipped the game in the first place.” Ian and Kenji both answered with snorts then a look passed between Kane and Kenji and they both leaned in to Ian at the same time.

“Mmph!” Ian managed, then his eyes slid closed and his hands moved over the other two as they went about teasing and nibbling.  He felt one set of lips on his neck, the other on one ear and he was only able to distinguish because of which side they were on.  Kane slid his hand under Ian’s shirt without preamble and found a nipple to tease.  Ian moaned low in his throat and his hands tightened in Kane’s and Kenji’s hair in response.

The sharp pull brought sounds from both of the other two and Ian had enough sanity to realize that Kenji apparently liked a bit of pain too.  Then the sanity disappeared when his shirt was tugged over his head and tossed aside—he wasn’t entirely sure who did that—and two sets of lips moved down over his chest, each one teasing a nipple.  “Fuck,” he said softly and both of the others chuckled.

“You know that word still gets to me when it comes from you, right?” Kane asked in Ian’s ear.

“Really?” Ian turned to his friend, though didn’t let him answer.  “I’d fucking hate to disappoint you then,” he said with a smirk at the groan from Kane before their lips met in another kiss designed to reduce brain power.  He tugged on Kane’s hair, earning more sounds from his friend’s throat as he nipped then sucked on the tongue currently sliding along his own.

Kenji chose that moment to bite down gently on Ian’s nipple and Ian turned his attention back to Kenji.  “Want something?” he asked, tugging on Kenji’s hair this time.  Kenji sat up a little more and they took their turn kissing and tasting.

Ian felt hands on his cock outside of his jeans and he moaned into Kenji’s mouth wanting and needed more.  His hips moved a little and then he was pushed over onto his back.  A minute later, Kenji and Kane had him stripped completely.

They moved over his body, tasting, touching and tormenting and Ian was pretty sure they were looking for every inch of skin they could find, all with their lips.  They teased everything except his cock and no matter how much he begged with wordless sounds, they wouldn’t give in.  They avoided it, to the point that he was damned near desperately shouting and still they wouldn’t give in.  Instead, they had him roll over and started in on his back.

He knew they had to be just as crazy, just as aroused.  Both of their own hard dicks ground against his legs or hips even through their jeans.  But still they refused to give in.  He pulled on their hair or gripped their skin, digging his nails in, his sounds nearly constant.  “Fuck, goddammit!”  he groaned finally, forcing something through his lips.

“Want something?” Kenji asked, his grin devilish.

“You fucking know I do,” Ian complained.  He rolled back onto his back, his cock straining, fucking at the air.  They had his hands pinned over his head, nipping again at his sensitive neck. He let loose another loud moan.

“Mmm, well… I suppose we could do something about that…” Kenji whispered into Ian’s ear his hand slowly trailing along over-sensitive skin.  Kenji’s ghosted his fingers over Ian’s red and nearly painful erection, before settling down to cup his balls instead.

Ian gave up and simply begged. “Oh fuck, more, please….”

“I think we can give him a little something,” Kane said, pulling the pillow toward his friend.  Ian blinked at him, but grabbed it, then Kane finally, finally wrapped his hand around Ian’s hard flesh.

Oh fuck!” Ian shouted into the pillow, trying to pump into the hand around him, but Kane refused to give him any more.  He released the tension in his arm, his hand moving with Ian’s dick rather than against it, leaving him frictionless.

“Just feel, Ian, just let us do this for you,” Kane whispered into his ear.  Ian stared at the top of the tent, working to calm himself down just a little bit.  He managed a nod then Kane moved.

The next thing he felt was a mouth on his cock.  He bit hard on the pillow, muffling his scream.  They held his hips down and he did his best to keep from bucking, but it was nearly impossible.  He pulled the pillow aside to look down and saw that it was Kane’s mouth on his cock.  Then his legs were moved and he felt a tongue on his balls and he went back to biting the pillow again.

Kenji worked his balls over, licking over every bit of each one and taking his time with it.  Then he teased the skin behind Ian’s sac, making lazy circles with his tongue. Ian’s moans got louder, and if they kept it up, he was pretty sure he was going to end up downright crazy. That only got worse when Kenji went back to Ian’s balls, sucking one at a time into his mouth and teasing them further.

Kane, at the same time, was going slow enough on Ian’s cock to keep him from really getting anywhere.  He traced the veins, made circles under the ridge, explored the slit then swirled around the head with his tongue.  All of it was torment, all of it was just a tease, but not enough to get him anywhere and he was really having trouble simply thinking.  Finally, he moved his mouth down to cover the whole thing, closing it around, sealing his lips and sucking.

“Oh God, oh fuck, oh yes.”  Ian had no idea what he was saying. It spilled from his lips in a rush, his body trying to process the sensations that were flying through him one after the other.

And then they were gone, both mouths having disappeared and he choked on air as he tried to figure out what was going on.  He moved the pillow and looked up to see the other two stripping their shirts off and he decided he wanted to do more than just lay there.  He sat up and pulled at the button of Kane’s jeans with one hand, nipped at Kenji’s skin, biting down hard enough to leave marks and worked Kenji’s pants with his other hand.

“Naked… now…,” he said between bites.  Kenji captured his lips, moving his hand aside and taking care of them for him.  He gave his other hand to Kane’s jeans, but Kane moved this one aside then tugged them off.  Kenji sat back long enough to divest himself of the last of his clothes and Ian shifted to Kane during the short break.  He bent to his best friend and pulled a bit of the skin at his neck into his mouth and bit down.  He sucked hard then bit harder, breaking the skin and licked at the blood that welled.

“Oh fuck, Ian,” Kane groaned, pulling him in and squeezing one ass cheek in his hand.

Ian reached up and tugged on Kenji’s hair, switching to his neck and giving it the same attention.  More bites, more broken skin and then Kenji gave a loud groan as well and they moved in closer together, things turning just a little chaotic for the moment.  Hands touched, squeezed, cupped and stroked, lips met and pulled apart, teeth bit and it was difficult to distinguish where one person ended and the next began.