Comfort is another prequel to Turning His Life Around and happens within a year of Jealousy.

Major (capital “M”) angst and have tissues at the ready for this story.

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* * *

“Mmm. Okay, let’s see…” Ian paused to think it through. “Maybe you’d like to hear how sexy I think you are. How much I’d love to fuck you.  I’ve wondered just how good your cock would taste, and how that cock would feel sliding in and out of my mouth.  I’d suck on you until you come, filling my mouth with it.”  He paused briefly, then, “Or maybe I won’t let you get that far.  Get that thick cock of yours nice and hard and leaking, then let you fuck me with it, fill my ass and fuck me hard.  So hard, I shoot my own cum, screaming while you pound me with your hard dick until you come.”

“Holy fuck, they weren’t kidding,” Kenji whimpered.

Ian grinned and dropped a kiss on Kenji’s cheek before standing to go back to his own log. He did have to adjust himself; it always turned him on just as much to do the talking.  “Ahem. Right. Kenji?”

Kenji shook his head hard and took another drink from his cup, coughing like Ian did.  “Yeah, um…” He shook his head again, then said “truth.”

Ian sighed. “Wimp. Okay…” He paused to think it over. “You prefer top or bottom?”

Kenji blinked at him then looked over at Kane and stared for a moment, undoubtedly wondering why he didn’t know the answer to the question.  He seemed to remember he hadn’t spoken and finally answered.  “Um, top. All we’ve—” He motioned toward Kane. “—ever done. I’ve only ever bottomed once. And it was okay, but…” He shrugged.  “Maybe because it was the first time? I don’t know. Not that I have anything against it, you know, I just…” He shrugged again.

Ian and Kane were busy staring at each other right then. Seemed like a silly thing to be glad for but he found himself glad that he was Kane’s first bottom.  He shook the thought away.  “So, Kane…” Ian said, trying to steer things back.

“Right, um… truth.” He chuckled. “I think the challenge here is finding something to ask.”

Kenji snorted. “Have you topped yet?”  He raised an eyebrow.

“Yeah,” Kane said, his eyes darting to Ian.  “And I figure you’ve already figured that out.”

Kenji shrugged. “Don’t mind getting it confirmed. Ian?”

“Truth. I figure this should even things out and get rid of any remaining questions.”  He had a feeling he knew what he’d be asked.

The other two snickered. “Okay. Did you ever bottom to Hayden?” Kane asked.  They hadn’t actually talked much about their times with the other two.  Ian had shied away from it, though he never quite understood why.  And Kane just didn’t go out of his way to talk about him and Kenji at all.

Ian swallowed and looked down into his cup. He’d been right, but he still wasn’t quite sure he was ready for it.  “No.” He glanced up then and found Kane staring at him.  Well, hadn’t this been enlightening?  They continued to look at each other a moment as that answer sunk in.  Firsts for both of them.  They’d been each other’s first both with sex in general, then added to that, they’d been each other’s first tops and first bottoms.  Well, hell, that was something to Ian though he just couldn’t seem to work out right then why that was so important to him.  He just knew it was.

Kenji cleared his throat and they both looked over at him. “I believe it’s my turn and I think Ian was right.  We’ve pretty well exhausted any outstanding questions. So, I’ll go with dare.”

Ian took another sip of his rum, then set his cup down and looked over at his friend. “Well, then, I haven’t had the chance to experience those lips that Kane says are so talented.  How about a kiss?”

Kenji chuckled, standing up and moving over to Ian. Ian turned to face him when Kenji sat next to him on his log.  “Just a kiss?” he asked and Ian nodded. “Not much of a dare, I guess.”

“Hmm. You’re right.” Ian assumed a thoughtful expression.  “Let’s see… I dare you… to make me forget where we are… with just a kiss.”

Kenji’s grin widened. “Oh, I can do that,” he whispered.  He cupped the back of Ian’s head, threading his fingers through Ian’s hair. He pulled Ian close and paused just a breath away from his lips.  Kenji hung there and Ian found himself having trouble breathing.  Kenji closed the distance, just barely brushing his lips across Ian’s.  Then slowly, incredibly slowly, he pressed them against Ian’s.  They barely moved, but there was the tiniest of nibbles before his tongue traced a line along the seam of the Ian’s mouth.  Ian didn’t even consider not opening to his friend and his lips parted, allowing Kenji access.

Their tongues touched tentatively; then Kenji slid his along Ian’s stealing the last of Ian’s breath and sanity.  Kenji’s other arm came around him and pulled him in against until their hard chests were tight against each other.  He felt the arousal against his own and let out a quiet moan.  Their lips moved, tongues slid, and Ian completely forgot how to breathe.

Kenji pulled back, their lips parting.  Kenji’s hazel eyes held Ian’s brown.  “Do I pass?”  Kenji whispered.

“Hmm?” Ian asked.

Kenji’s lips spread in a grin. “The dare?”

Ian blinked.  “Yeah, I’d say so,” he managed then swallowed around his dry throat.

“I agree,” Kane said from next to them and neither had noticed him move.  He was sitting on ground right by them his hand rubbing at the outside of his shorts, the campfire having burned low and casting him into silhouette.  “That was hot,” he whispered and leaned up toward Ian.  “Do I get one?”