Hello folks! I haven’t forgotten about Ghalib and Adel, I just want to give them the best of my efforts. So, I’m still working through Dark Fantasy, from Beautiful boy.

Please remember, this is much harder BDSM than I usually write. This goes past SSC and into RACK territory. There’s CBT, barebacking (in a contemporary setting), and quite a bit more. If that’s not your cuppa, that’s cool. Please keep it in mind, though, as you read.

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I could feel his hard cock against my hip and I wondered at it. Hadn’t he just come not long ago? But apparently my messy ass turned him on more. He spun me around, forced me down over the sink and kicked my legs apart. Then, without a word, he thrust his cock hard into my ass. He pinned my head down with one hand fisted in my hair and with the other, held my arms together on my back. He fucked me hard and fast, almost brutally. His balls slapped against me, stimulating my sore ones.

“Such a sloppy little slut,” he rumbled. “So fucking stretched. So loose. Nothing but a hole for me to fuck.”

My face burned with the words and my cock woke up again, hardening fast.

“That’s all you’re good for, isn’t it?” he growled. I didn’t answer, knowing it wasn’t a question, not really. “Just a sloppy, greedy little boy cunt, good for taking cocks. A place to dump cum.” He pumped faster as my face burned more, pounding into my prostate, making me see stars. My cock jumped, harder than ever. I blinked up at his face, what I could see of it, his expression almost savage.

My dick dripped at the look, strained as he fucked me, making me thrust into the air. My cock jumped, useless, untouched. Fuckholes didn’t need them.

He pulled out, spun me around, shoving me to my knees. My asshole oozed more cum at being spread so wide, dripping over my balls. I didn’t have time to worry about it, though. He gripped my hair in one hand and slapped my face with his cock hard once, twice, three times, spreading the cum covering his dick over my cheeks and nose and forehead. Then he jerked his cock a few more times and shot his load all over my face to join the rest. He smeared it around, mixing with the other spunk, then slapped me with his dick again.

When he was done, he tugged me to my feet, hauled me up onto the sink, then, shocking me completely, swallowed my cock. I shouted, hands scrabbling for purchase on the counter as he sucked me hard. My eyes crossed and I struggled with the need to hold back orgasm. I was desperate, gripping the counter hard. I hadn’t had my cock stimulated like this for ages and before I knew it, I was screaming up on the edge. I whimpered pitifully, desperately fighting the pleasure.

I was almost crying with the attempt when he pulled off briefly, looked up at me and said, “Come, boy,” then swallowed me again.

My vision went white and for the second time that night, I came so hard my balls hurt. It was even more intense than the climax earlier. He continued working my dick, drawing it out, the pleasure so huge, I lost track of everything except his mouth on me. I’m sure I shook. I know I was still shouting; I couldn’t help it.

He kept sucking, moving over my cock, even after the orgasm faded. I winced, whimpering as he continued to stimulate my oversensitive flesh. The sounds turned begging, but he ignored me. He held me firmly as I writhed, desperate to get away from it. It hurt, horribly, but he wouldn’t let go. I knew he liked to do this, but I always begged, always fought a little. I couldn’t help it. Still, he kept it up until I cried out.

When he finally pulled off my still-hard, painful cock, I realized I had tears streaming down my face. The first orgasm from my cock in six months and it was more than I could even begin to imagine. I was still shaking from the aftermath when he gathered me into his arms.

“Time to clean you up, my beautiful boy,” he whispered.

He carried me over to the shower and managed to turn on the water with me still in his arms. He adjusted the temperature then stepped inside and set me on the bench. The first thing he did was rinse me down with the showerhead, clearing the worst of the cum from my face and skin. Then he picked up the nozzle he’d put in after we got together, and motioned for me to turn around and brace myself against the bench. He slid the nozzle into my ass easily, then flipped the lever, diverting the water into my bowels.

I had to fight hard to keep the water inside me, I was that loose. It filled my guts slowly and before long, I was shaking with it. Master flipped the lever, but didn’t remove the nozzle right away. He held it inside me, rubbing my belly with the other hand, soothing me. I breathed carefully, having done this many times. Finally, he pulled it free and I watched as the water whoosed out of me, taking with it the cum still inside me.

He repeated it three times more, not satisfied until it ran clear. As shaky as I was when we were done, he sat me on the bench and bathed me down quickly and washing my hair. I didn’t realize it, but somewhere along the way, someone had come on my hair too.

Finally clean, he made me stay sitting and scrubbed himself off quickly. When he’d finished, we climbed out and he dried me off, then returned my original metal cage to me. Once I was securely locked away as he liked, he turned my ass back to the mirror. “The hash marks are in Sharpie. We’ll need to add two more from the end. You’ll see that for days, boy, and it and your stretched ass’ll remind you exactly what you did.”

* * *

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