Hello and welcome back to Free Fiction Friday! We’re back to the prequels to Turning His Life Around! There are seven parts to this one, called Jealousy, and five more short stories after this one. Yay! 🙂

Please remember that the guys are technically underage in these. Any sex is fairly tame (described, yes, but tame) until much later in the series.

If you haven’t read Turning yet, you might consider checking it out. These stories make a lot more sense if you’ve read it first. These should also be read in order:

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Homework Break (Part 1 * Part 2 * Part 3 * Part 4 * Part 5 )

I hope you enjoy it! Thanks for reading and feel free to let me know what you think. I always love to hear from my readers. 😀

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Our apologies for the delay on this week’s entry for Free Fiction Friday – Grace and Mr. Grace both volunteer for an educational non-profit and were running around like their butts were on fire!  Following is the newest entry.


Kane sat back in the booth and stared as Ian and Hayden fed each other. He was feeling distinctly green around the edges. He glanced at his date. “Are you getting as nauseous as I am?”
Kenji chuckled. “Yeah, they’re a bit much, aren’t they?” He turned toward Kane. “Or, we could ignore them altogether.”

“Oh?” Kane asked, turning his attention to Kenji. The guy was hot as far as Kane was concerned. Kenji took martial arts like Kane and Ian did but at a different dojo. He made a comment about switching, though. Something about not being happy with the one he was at, but Kane thought that maybe it was because of him. He was hoping, anyway.

He was built, his chest was nicely defined, he was a bit taller than Kane and that hair was something else. He’d found himself playing with it on more than one occasion when they’d finished their homework and were sitting and watching TV. Kenji had taken up the spot on the floor in front of Kane’s chair, leaning back against him and Kane had taken the opportunity to play with it. Kenji had pulled the hair tie out and shook it out like he’d been tired of it up, but Kane wondered if it wasn’t more to get Kane to play with it. Kane didn’t care, he just loved doing it.

And then there were the hazel eyes. They were so gorgeous, it made Kane want to just get lost in them. He shook his head a himself.

Kenji leaned in a little. “Yeah. Like, maybe instead of getting sick watching them, we could…” He held up a piece of the sweet and sour chicken. Kane raised an eyebrow, but leaned forward and nipped the chicken out of Kenji’s hand. Kenji grinned.

“Like that?” Kane asked in a quiet voice and Kenji nodded. Kane picked up a small piece of broccoli and offered it out and Kenji opened his mouth. When Kane put the vegetable into Kenji’s mouth, his lips closed around Kane’s fingers and sucked.

Kane nearly went cross-eyed. He felt Kenji’s tongue lick the tiny bit of sauce off of his fingers, then lean back and finished eating the morsel of food.

Both couples lost themselves in each other for the better part of the evening, feeding and chatting. Feeding each other took much longer than they would have if they’d just fed themselves and the waitress eventually got annoyed with them taking up her booth for so long and made some very pointed comments. By the time they paid the bill, they realized they’d missed the movie.
So, instead, they drove up to one of the bay overlooks. Hayden grabbed the sleeping bags he kept in the back of the Jeep and gave one to Kenji and Kane. He pulled Ian with him onto one of the picnic tables. Ian settled into Hayden, sitting between his legs and Hayden wrapped the open bag around them. They didn’t say anything, simply started kissing.

Kane and Kenji took the other picnic table. Kenji pulled Kane up to sit the same way Ian did and after they got the sleeping bag in place they simply looked out over the water for a few minutes. Kane was beginning to wonder if maybe Kenji didn’t really want him when his date spoke.

“I’ve been trying to find a way to approach you all week. I didn’t want to push, knowing you haven’t had a boyfriend before, but I’ve been wanting to kiss you,” Kenji said in Kane’s ear and Kane closed his eyes in relief. “So, I…” he started, but Kane didn’t give him a chance to finish. He turned, buried his fingers in that long soft hair and pulled him down into a kiss.
Kenji wasted no time. He deepened the kiss quickly, their tongues battling as it heated. When they broke apart briefly, Kane took a deep breath. “I was beginning to think maybe you were trying to figure out how to tell me you weren’t interested.”

“Oh hell no.” Kenji’s hand threaded through the spikes and pulled gently. He’d discovered rather accidentally earlier in the week that Kane liked his hair pulled and he shamelessly used that now. Kane moaned softly in reaction. “I just didn’t want to freak you out. I want you, Kane. Badly.”

Another soft moan was loosed at the words and their lips crashed together again. Hands went everywhere, pulling hair, touching, stroking and grabbing at clothes and before long, both were incredibly aroused and nearly desperate. Kane cupped Kenji’s cock through his jeans and rubbed at it while the hand not buried in the spikes was busy unbuttoning Kane’s own jeans.
At the other picnic table Ian and Hayden were just as busy. Ian’s cock was already in Hayden’s hand and the taller was stroking it slowly. “Fuck, Hayden, you’re driving me crazy,” Ian whispered into Hayden’s neck.

Hayden chuckled. “I like you this kind of crazy,” he murmured into Ian’s ear and tightened his fingers around Ian’s dick just a little. One of Ian’s hands was buried inside Hayden’s jeans and underwear, working his boyfriend’s cock over, too.

“Hayden…” Ian paused and bit his lip.

“What’s that, babe?” Hayden asked, adding a twist to his upward stroke and nipping at Ian’s ear, earning himself another moan.

“You make it impossible to think clearly,” Ian grumbled and Hayden chuckled. Their lips crashed together again for another thorough kiss. Touches got more urgent and Ian managed to move Hayden’s clothes aside and out of his way. He took his boyfriend’s cock in his hand and started stroking with more purpose.

“Oh fuck, Ian…” Hayden moaned, his breath getting shorter. “God, that’s…”

“Oh fuck. Hayden,” Ian said and it was only the slightly panicked tone of voice that got through.

“Ian?” Hayden looked over his shoulder in the direction Ian was. “Shit! Kenji! Kane!” Hayden called and the other two sat up quickly. “Car!”


* * *

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