Forbes Mates

Everybody’s got one, but can they keep them?


Will Tanner realize he’s wrong and claim his mate before Finley’s devotion is gone?

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Despite being human, is the Chad the mate Jamie is hoping for? Or did the gods give Jamie someone he couldn’t keep?

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Finding his mate is the least of Quincy’s worries–keeping Miles alive is the real priority…and will take every ounce of creativity Quincy has.

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Ben’s love can help Eric find the forgiveness he needs… if Eric can accept it.

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Miguel and Luis’s cross-country trek in search of a new home may bring more than acceptance. It may change the wolf population forever.

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  1. Karon Karon
    March 26, 2016    

    Love your Forbes Mates books!

    • grduncan grduncan
      March 29, 2016    

      Thank you so much! I’m thrilled to hear it!

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