I have a new story out!! For the Christmas holidays, at the behest of a friend, I have set up my story In Her Honor as an ebook!  I am SO excited!

Joe did the cover art and I am SO proud!  It is wonderful!  Check it out here:


In Her Honor can be found over at Smashwords for now and is currently in the review process to be approved for their expanded distribution, including Barnes & Noble, Amazon Kindle, among others.  I am so excited!!

I am also now an official Goodreads author!! You can see my profile here. Some really exciting stuff for me and is making some dreams come true for me for Christmas.

This is one reason why I haven’t posted since Thanksgiving and I thank all of my followers for your patience. It’s been a crazy few weeks and we’ve got a few more nutty ones on the way yet.

The other reason is that we are on the last legs of the content review for Choices.  I am so pleased with how it is turning out! The editor I am working with is a wonderful, patient, understanding person and I am very grateful to have her.

Also, coming up later this month, I will be hosting Kim Fielding on my blog! She is promoting her new book Brute!  So be sure to stop by on the 18th to see what she has to say. The book looks fantastic and I can’t wait to read it.

Keep reading for a synopsis of In Her Honor and go check it out! It’s available in all the major e-book formats and is only $.99. Thank you again for reading!

* * *

Nick inherited a love for the holidays from his mother – a warm, wonderful woman who accepted him for who he is and loved him anyway. But this year, she was taken from him, and now he must find a way to keep the promises he made to her: to enjoy the holiday, to be true to himself and what he is and to not let his non-accepting father make him miserable.

Nick is determined to honor those promises this year. But the grief is hard to counter, despite the efforts of his wonderful roommate and friend, Liam. It’s Christmas Eve before the tree goes up and just as they turn on the lights, the power goes out. As they sit in front of a fire, making the best of a miserable holiday, can Nick come to terms with it all and let Liam in? Will he be able to honor his mother’s wishes?