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I have one last inspiration (for now) from the Golden Collar series for you.


Pablo Morais for Made In Brazil. No ph credit.

A few weeks ago, I posted my FF on Pablo Morais. I talked then about how Pablo had been the original inspiration for my Nadir with the picture to the right. He looks so sweet and innocent here! (Boy do I know better now. I love you, Pablo, but you are far from innocent!)

But, as I also pointed out, as I saw the pictures of him older (like this one), he became Cyrus, instead. So, I wanted a different visual representation and inspriation for my Nadir. So, I went back to my favorite place: tumblr. I had already seen screencaps of Spartacus and was waiting for it to end before I started. (I just have zero patience for waiting each week for a new show. I also do not like unhappy endings, so I wanted to know if it was good or bad before I got so pht1emotionally invested in a show.) So, I was well aware of the Nagron (Nasir/Agron) pairing and the fact that they were a canon gay couple.

Intrigued, I went looking. And found this screencap from the series of Nasir. The name, incidentally, was not lost on me. But I saw this and immediately thought he’d make a good Nadir. Not quite as innocent and sweet (PHT is very much not. >.>) as Pablo at 16, but he really matched the look I had in my head of Nadir. Well, of course, this meant I had to go in search of more pictures. I can’t be satisfied with just one! Of course not!

So, I went hunting. I found lots of pictures of him as Nasir, including a few more with the sweet smile, like this one:

That smile can sure fool you!

That smile can sure fool you!

From everything I’ve seen, he is a talented actor. Look at that sweet smile! It fooled me into thinking he wasn’t an asshole. 😉

Personal feelings aside, he can handle a pretty decent range of emotions. I’ve seen him sweet, fierce, and grieving and he does them well. He can even (much to my chagrin) handle sexy pretty damned well:


Pana Hema Taylor is a Māori-born New Zealand actor. His credits include Spartacus: Blood and Sand and Spartacus: War of the Damned along with the indie movie “The Most Fun You Can Have Dying,” as well as with a few other smaller parts. He got his start in theater in high school. He has a beautiful son and I believe is working on a new project now.

So much sexiness made me forget I wanted to write a bit more on this for HAHAT! One of the things that drew my attention to Spartacus was, as I mentioned earlier, the canon gay relationship between Agron and Nasir. They are, of course, not the first and (with any luck) won’t be the last. But so many gay characters on TV are comic relief or the asshole (the character, not the actor) or the tragedy. It’s very rare to see a gay couple that ends happily.

So, when I heard what happens at the end of the Spartacus series, I was thrilled. Those of us in the spectrum still struggle to find real representation in the media. I reiterate. Real. Too much of it is what I outlined above–or porn–and while I have nothing against porn (I enjoy it quite a bit, in fact) and I wholeheartedly support the ideal “Write the story that needs to be written,” I also want to see more stories, more examples of other, life-like characters in the media.

I mention in my upcoming novel No Sacrifice, that hate will never completely go away. Patrick is talking to the lovely Sophia (a drag queen who runs her own show bar) about homophobia and hate:

Sophia nodded. “I’m afraid so. Women still make less money than men. Groups like the KKK still exist. Sexism, racism… hatred never goes away. It’ll always be there, to some degree. But it’s getting better.”

Someday, an ending like Agron and Nasir have won’t be the unusual one. Someday, that’ll be the norm. Let’s all do our best to stick around to see it.

And just since it’s Friday, I’ll leave you with one more from the famous In The Tub charity photo shoot by TJ Scott:


Okay, I lied, here’s another one. 😉e7062c03321fb9817af6403ed64e3f42

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