So, last week, I wanted to start with the character who started my writing life. Teman was so important to me and had SO MUCH of me in him, that I had to give him the first spot.

But someone else has been very amazingly instrumental in my character building and inspiration. Not only has he been that, he’s also befriended me. He’s an amazingly sweet young man (and hot. I can’t forget hot. I don’t think he’d want me to forget to mention that, would you, Pablo?).

So, without further ado, I present one of the most recent photos of the sweetheart, Pablo Morais:

Photo courtesy of Made in Brazil. Ph: Christiano Madureira

Photo courtesy of Made in Brazil. No photographer listed.

Pablo Morais, 21, is currently modeling for 40 Graus Models out of Rio and Joy Men from São Paulo, both in Brazil. Pablo was originally the inspiration of my character Nadir. The first picture to catch my eye must have been taken when he was maybe 16 as the date on the post lists 2009. He had the most adorable smile and, to be perfectlu fair… that hasn’t changed in the years since.

Look at that smile. Is that not the most adorable thing?

Well, that firmly established Nadir from my Golden Collar series in my head. But as Pablo grew older (or, more accurately, I found more recent pictures of him), I had a harder time seeing him as Nadir. Pablo, who grew more hot than adorable (though that smile will always make me melt in the “Awwww” way), shifted in my head.

And then one day, though he doesn’t look that different, I came across these pics (Caution. NSFW images):

From Attitude - Put it in a Love Song. Ph: Rick Day

From Attitude – Put it in a Love Song. Ph: Rick Day




Like this one which makes me think it’s possible to tell whether he’s circumcised or not. (Not that I’m complaining.)








Or this one which tells he he needs to eat a bit more. 😉


for Rufskin by Rick Day

And then there’s this one:

No ph. credit. :(

No ph. credit. 🙁

Which told me that my images of a sweet, smiling Nadir… no longer fit this gorgeous, sexy Brazilian man. (And I don’t think I need to explain why on that last one, do I?) With these, he had firmly taken over as Cyrus in my head.

About Pablo:

Pablo has been involved with theater and modeling in some form since childhood. He rather stumbled into his first modeling job at age nine. At fourteen, he started in theater in Rio and by 16 was actively modeling for Made in Brazil. He splits his time between modeling and acting. He just loves to work and is quite humble about it.

He loves music and acting of all sorts. He made it to the screen in 2012 as wonderfully-evil character, Luis Fernando Carvalho in Suburbia. Though I couldn’t understand all of it (it didn’t have English subtitles), he certainly gave me chills in the scenes he was in. He pulls off “evil” very well. In 2013, he debuted on Globo TV’s Sangue Bom (their version of the nighttime soap opera) as Jonathan James. He is a talented musician, as well. I’ve seen him (in video, of course, I still haven’t met him in person) play the guitar (and he’s good at it!). He is also a very sweet, generous friend. My tiny write-up here doesn’t do him justice. Go say hi over on his Facebook page and see more about him. (But do be careful what you read. There’s a lot of misinformation about him.)

From Pablo’s Instagram. With Spike and Maylon

Pablo also loves animals and can often be seen with his sweet Jack Russel, Spike.

Pablo really is a lovely, lovely man and I am very fortunate to call him friend.






I wanted to pick a “favorite” smile picture, but trutfully, I can’t. There are so many wonderful pictures he’s done. I’ll leave you with one of my favorites and a lovely little gallery to page through for more. You can also find other pics over on my facebook profile. But don’t trust this to be all of it. There’s tons more, head over to google to see. Just… take a bucket for the drool. 😉

For Limits, Summer 2013. Ph: Lucio Luna

For Limits, Summer 2013. Ph: Lucio Luna