fangirlfridayToday’s post is going to be a bit shorter than I usually like. Things are a bit crazy here, but my middle son is coming home from school today! Yay!

I have another character from my upcoming novel, No Sacrifice, to talk about today. When I sat down to write Patrick, I didn’t originally have a physical character inspiration for him. I just had an image in my head of what he should look like. I knew he was Hawai’ian, I knew he was fairly short, not too muscular, long black hair, etc. But an actual person hadn’t come up yet.

keahu-2So, I was talking to my oldest one day and he said, “Have you looked at Keahu Kahanui? He doesn’t have long hair, but he’s Hawai’ian.” So, I looked him up. Slightly more muscular than the Patrick in my head, and short hair, definitely. But otherwise, I was thrilled by just how close he was.

And that smile! Is that not adorable? I think so, too. *grin*

I’ve followed his twitter quite a bit and he’s a total geek. It’s so awesome. He does cosplay and goes to cons! And he fanboys over Wil Wheaton. How cool is that?
















He can also seriously rock a suit. *dreamy sigh*Keahu-Kahuanui_pg507915





















Sorry this one’s so short, but I can’t leave without giving you at least a bit more eye candy, can I?

How about one of the results of my google searches: “Keahu Kahuanui abs”?


For more of Keahu, see his twitter , his instagram, or his facebook (though they admit, you get more on his twitter. LOL)


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