Welcome back to Fangirl Friday!

Today, I want to look to my upcoming novel No Sacrifice and look at the influences for it. The first one I’d like to talk about is my character inspiration for Chance. I hadn’t actually gone *looking* for it. I was still in the early planning stages of the story when his picture came through my dashboard on tumblr (Please note: my tumblr is NOT safe for work or children). But as per usual, I was scrolling along when I came across this picture:

andersondornelles(3_Well. This was one of those things that just sort of hit me. Pretty much with the force of a freight train! (Sort of like what happened with Milind Soman as Mukesh.) I took one look at him and my brain said, “CHANCE!”

Not much I could do except go along with it, could I?

So, I did like I always do and started doing some research. Apparently he doesn’t have anything in a public presence. His facebook page is a personal profile (locked to friends or friends of friends). He has no twitter or tumblr or anything. He has an instagram (which is not locked), but that’s all.

I stumbled across a facebook page for him that I liked and started digging through. Turns out, it was fake (I’m not even sure if it’s still there) and eventually, I found a comment from Anderson himself, calling the page owner out. I sent him a pm on facebook, apologizing for my part in promoting the page but he never spoke to me. (Which surprised me.  Thanks in no small part to my sweet friend, Pablo, I have a number of Brazilian friends, all of whom are warm, friendly people. Ah, well, there’s one everywhere, right?)  He seems very incommunicative in general, though, rarely responding to anyone. And, well, he is still eye candy, which isn’t a bad thing, since that seems all he’s made of.

There is very little I could find out about him beyond basic facts. He is 34, just over 6′ and that’s about it. Bananas Models has a page for him with other pictures and info.

He was apparently recently in a commercial here:

And has been in a few others (though he is not always credited so searching via youtube doesn’t do much).

He does have a rather sweet, misleading smile:

Anderson-Dornelles(A bit like someone else I am famliar with.) But it certainly makes for nice imagery while I was writing my sweet Chance.

Chance Dillon is a Georga-born boy who took his music and his dreams to California. When we meet him in No Sacrifice, he hasn’t yet reached them, but he’s still working on them. In the mean time, he’s a Utility Sound Technician by day on the various movie sets around Hollywood. Until, of course, he lands on the set of Deception and sees Patrick Tearney. Oh, he never gives up his dreams, but now, they also include one very hot Hawai’ian actor.

Chance is out, though he doesn’t go out of his way to talk abuut it or anything. He just is. On Wednesday nights, he plays his guitar and sings at Sophia’s Desert Palace (run by the amazing Sophia Sweet).

And not too far into the book, Chance falls head over heels in love. Poor boy. He’s in for an emotional ride, but that’s okay. He’ll have his happy ending.

(I swear, I shouldn’t be so damned nice to some of these men. :P)

I will leave you with a few more lovely pictures for today. I hope you enjoy! 😀

Please Note: I do not have photographic credit for any of these pictures. None of them belong to me and are all property of their respective photographers, etc.