So, I’ve joined an amazing group of authors to try something new for the new year. We’re doing a new free fiction story, but in a round robin.  Twice a week, we’ll have a new part of the story up for you to read.

So far the schedule is:

January 5 Sophie Bonaste Part 1

January 8 Brynn Stein – Part 2

January 12 Grace Duncan

January 15 Suki Fleet

January 19 Elizabeth Noble

January 22 Kim Fielding

January 26 Lane Hayes

January 29 Charlie Cochet


Without further ado, I give you Different Tracks, part 3:

* * *

Xander paused and scowled at the group of people moving through the site.  No one stood out as being in charge necessarily, which annoyed him. He wasn’t looking forward to having to ask around for the person and make it obvious why he was there. He dug the community service paper out of his pocket and check the contact name again.  Michael Baker.

He looked up and frowned at the men. There were any number of men who could be named Michael. He scanned the faces, pausing too long on the blond haired guy who looked to be about his own age. Hot was the first thing in Xander’s head.

Too good was the second.

Still, he let himself look the guy over. He couldn’t get a good gauge of height from there, but the guy towered over the woman he stood next to by a good foot, though that didn’t mean all that much. He had muscles, obviously built from work, not a gym, if the tan lines Xander saw peeking under the guys shirt sleeves was anything to go by. Long legs encased in carpenter pants snug enough to show the guy’s legs looked as toned as the rest of him.

Xander’s cock certainly liked what he saw. It woke up and took notice, and he found himself grateful for the baggy jeans. He frowned at the area, glad he’d thought to wear a belt, though. Baggy might be good for hiding the erection, but not so much for this kind of work.

Annoyed with himself, Xander forced his eyes away from the guy. With no way to know who was who, he sighed and skipped the older man—they were usually the first to comment on his damned tats—and approached a man who looked to be in his thirties.

He cleared his throat. “Excuse me, sir.”

The man turned around and raised his eyebrows. His gaze swept over Xander, but for once, it didn’t feel like he came up lacking. “Can I help you?” he asked, rather pleasantly.

“Uh, I’m looking for,” he glanced at the paper again, willing himself not to blush at the obvious Community Service Division letterhead. “Michael Baker?”

The man actually smiled at him and Xander relaxed just a little. “That’s me, what can I do for you?”

“I’m supposed to volunteer. For my community service.” His cheeks heated anyway, but he managed to ignore it.

“Welcome! We can always use new hands. Call me Mike.” He held his hand out and it took Xander a second to realize the man wanted to shake hands. He took it, doing his best to offer a firm grasp. Apparently, Mike was happy with it, because his smile widened.

“Thanks, uh, I’m Xander. I’m supposed to get someone to sign off each week?” He held the paper out and Mike took it, looking over it.

“Not a problem. They know who I am. Do you have any experience in construction?” Mike asked, looking up again.

Xander took a deep breath. “No.” He immediately regretted the sharp tone when Mike blinked at him. “I’m sorry. Not really, I mean. I’ve done stuff around the house, you know, but not…” He shrugged a shoulder.

“Not a problem. We get a lot of people with no experience.” He looked around the site and pointed to none other than the blonde-haired guy Xander had been eyeing before. “That’s Peter. He’s good with the volunteers. He can get you started. We break at noon officially, but no one’s going to give you trouble if you’ve got to get a drink or something. There’s bottled water in the cooler over there,” he said, pointing toward a big blue one in the back of a pickup truck. “As for bathroom, we’re kinda stuck with the porta john.” He made a face and Xander actually found himself chuckling.

“That’s cool. Thanks, uh, Mike.” He shook Mike’s hand again and turned back to the site.

Mike moved away but Xander didn’t pay a whole lot of attention to that fact. He took a deep breath, willed his cock to behave and started across to Peter.