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Omega Adam and Alpha Matt have been best friends all their lives. Matt has been there for Adam from his first heat. They’ve never been apart and Adam has never considered being with another person. So, it confuses Matt when Adam refuses to allow Matt to bite and pair with him.

Adam has seen for himself what happens to an omega whose alpha pair left, when his mother went through the excruciating pain of a new alpha bite. Knowing his best friend as well as he does, he knows that if Matt ever bit and paired with him, Matt would never leave and consign Adam to the pain of a new bite or a life without sex. But Adam knows that it wouldn’t matter how Matt felt, he’d stay even if he felt trapped by the situation, making them both miserable and hurting Matt badly.

When Adam finds himself pregnant with Matt’s baby, he panics. All his attempts to keep Matt from getting trapped have been useless. With no idea what to do, he ends up hurting Matt anyway. If he doesn’t come to terms soon with his fears, he could find himself completely alone and losing the only person he’s ever loved.


  1. January 11, 2015    

    when will you make coronation golden collar 1.5 a paperback book ????
    I loved book 1 and 2 and wanted to get the whole story.

    • Grace Grace
      January 11, 2015    

      I’m sorry to say, I can’t put it in paperback form. It is a free download and you canread it in pdf form. You could (if you really wanted to) print it out. But as it is so short, Dreamspinner doesn’t offer stories that length in paperback form. 🙁 I’m sorry! I’m glad to hear you enjoy the other two!

  2. H Salem H Salem
    January 9, 2017    

    I’m re reading Devotion from the Forbes Mates series and was wondering if Eric will be getting his own book anytime soon?

    • grduncan grduncan
      January 9, 2017    

      I am in fact working on Eric’s book, called Forgiveness. It’s still a WIP, so I have no release date yet, but it is in the works! <3

      • H salem H salem
        January 20, 2017    

        Yay! I can’t wait!

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