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Wednesday Briefs #27: Growth, Part 25...

Wednesday Briefs #27: Growth, Part 25: Ghalib’s Welcome, Part 7

Ghalib’s Welcome, Part 7 And now, Ghalib starts to think maybe he can handle this, after all… “Now,” Nadir said, picking up a basket on the neighboring lounger and handing it to Teman. He pulled a piece of gold out and held it up. “Your collar. You will wear this at all times except during baths, […]

Wednesday Briefs #26: Growth, Part 24...

Wednesday Briefs #26: Growth, Part 24: Ghalib’s Welcome, Part 6

Ghalib’s Welcome, Part 6 Where Ghalib starts to feel a little in over his head… Ghalib did, a little nervously. He felt hands on his ass then, parting the cheeks and the cloth running along his crack. Right after that, slicked fingers prodded his anus, one pushing through the ring of muscle. Despite himself, Ghalib moaned, […]

Wednesday Briefs #25: Growth, Part 23...

Wednesday Briefs #25: Growth, Part 23: Ghalib’s Welcome, Part 5

Ghalib’s Welcome, Part 5 Where Ghalib begins to think he might be better off just sinking into the water and staying there… His face burned and he tried, a little desperately, to think of something else. “Try not to worry so, Ghalib,” Nadir said gently. “You should react when someone touches you. Remember, your life […]

Wednesday Briefs #24: Growth, Part 22...

Wednesday Briefs #24: Growth, Part 22: Ghalib’s Welcome, Part 4

Ghalib’s Welcome, Part 4 Ghalib gets his first hints of what it means to be a pleasure slave. “Welcome back, Ghalib! I’m so happy you chose to join us,” Nadir said stepping up to Ghalib and taking his hands. Ghalib must have looked as panicked as he felt because Nadir’s smile widened. He squeezed Ghalib’s hands. […]

Wednesday Briefs #23: Growth, Part 21...

Wednesday Briefs #23: Growth, Part 21: Ghalib’s Welcome, Part 3

Ghalib’s Welcome, Part 3 Well, the tour bought him some time but time’s up! Now what? They continued down the hall to the end and stopped in a large, round room that was divided in half. To the Ghalib’s left, several low tables were sprinkled throughout, cushions surrounding them. Behind the low tables, a long single […]

Wednesday Briefs #22: Growth, Part 20...

Wednesday Briefs #22: Growth, Part 20: Ghalib’s Welcome, Part 2

Ghalib’s Welcome, Part 2 Wherein Ghalib should be comforted but isn’t sure yet what to make of Cyrus. Surprised by being directly addressed, Ghalib blushed and stuttered. “N-no, Your, uh, Teman, I don’t think so, either.” At the near-slip, Teman rolled his eyes. Ghalib smiled, though it was weaker than he would have liked. Either […]

Wednesday Briefs #21: Growth, Part 19...

Wednesday Briefs #21: Growth, Part 19: Ghalib’s Welcome, Part 1

Ghalib’s Welcome, Part 1 What has Ghalib gotten himself into? Well, it’s a bit too late to panic now… Ghalib spent the entire trip from Bathasar’s quarters to the slaves’ wing second guessing himself. Grateful Teman didn’t push him to talk, he kept turning the same questions over in his head. Was this the right thing? What […]

Wednesday Briefs #20: Growth, Part 18...

Wednesday Briefs #20: Growth, Part 18: This is Where (Adel) Goes Berserk, Part 2

This is Where (Adel) Goes Berserk, Part 2 …And finds out that he should have maybe kept his mouth shut because Bathasar is just a little too astute for Adel’s comfort. Adel didn’t like the smirk on his friend’s face. “You know how to stop that, don’t you?” he asked, and Adel tried, he really did, to keep […]

Wednesday Briefs #19: Growth, Part 17...

Wednesday Briefs #19: Growth, Part 17: This is Where (Adel) Goes Berserk, Part 1

This is Where (Adel) Goes Berserk, Part 1 I really need a better title for this story series. To that end, I will give away ONE ebook title to the winner if someone can help me title this series of stories! Leave suggestions here, on my facebook page or tweet @GraceRDuncan with #Ghalib. And now, […]

Wednesday Briefs #18: Growth, Part 16...

Wednesday Briefs #18: Growth, Part 16: Ghalib’s Decision, Part 6

Ghalib’s Decision, Part 6 Decision incoming in 3… 2… 1… And once he makes the decision… then what? Ghalib swallowed, then decided that a bit of wine might not be a bad idea after all, and took a drink. He cleared his throat. “I believe so. I… I…” He sighed, unable to make himself say it. […]

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