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Happy Holidays 2017!

Happy Holidays 2017!

  In celebration of the holiday season, below are some of Grace’s side stories set during Christmastime. We hope you have a safe and happy holiday!   Being True epub – mobi Forbes Mates The Family You Choose Pandemus Chronicles Daniel pdf – epub – mobi

Merpy Chrismahanakwansolstifestiviusi...

Merpy Chrismahanakwansolstifestiviusica!

  Say THAT five times fast! Here’s a pronunciation guide from teh interwebz!       It is the holiday season and with Christmas happening in a few days, we’re taking Free Fiction Friday off in advance of a little surprise we’re cooking up. Keep an eye on Grace’s blog for some holiday cheer!   […]

Free Fiction Friday will return next ...

Free Fiction Friday will return next week!

As the final chapter of Comfort was posted last Friday, and as Grace is feeling under the weather this week, Free Fiction Friday will return next week with a new story! Thank you all for your continued support and love for Grace’s work.  She appreciates each and every one of you!   (honestly, I was […]

Grace is back from Animefest! Here&#...

Grace is back from Animefest!  Here’s what happened :)

  Whee! I am back from AnimeFest! I’m so happy to be home again. I love traveling but I also love coming back home to my own bed, pillows, and shower. AnimeFest is held every year at the Sheraton Dallas Hotel (picture) which is a pretty nice place. I got to share a room with […]

Free Fiction Friday – Mr. Grace...

Free Fiction Friday – Mr. Grace wuz here.

Do I have your attention? 😉 So Grace is at AnimeFest in Dallas for the weekend hanging out with Shira Anthony and Venona Keyes, attending panels for Yuri!!! on Ice, meeting the creative team and getting her butt swag signed and finally doing a panel with Shira and Venona on Saturday night.  (GOOOO TO THE […]

A wild Grace appears! She used Conve...

A wild Grace appears!  She used Convention Snapshot!

It’s super-effective! Also, this confirms that Grace is, indeed, a cat-person. (and this is what happens when Grace is away and Mr. Grace is unsupervised)

Free Fiction Friday got away from us,...

Free Fiction Friday got away from us, AGAIN.  We are in pursuit…

So, right now, somewhere in the bowels of the Interwebs, is a post.  It’s a sequel and, well, it wanted to be it’s own person.  Stand against the monotony of being just another part in a greater tale. That’s what we get for letting it read about existentialism. That said, we’re still on the hunt. […]

Cover Reveal!! Turning His Life Aroun...

Cover Reveal!! Turning His Life Around

I’m so excited to announce my new novel Turning His LIfe Around is up for pre-order with an amazing cover from Paul Richmond! Title: Turning His Life Around Publisher: Dreamspinner Press Release date: July 6, 2015 240 pages, 87k words Cover Art: Paul Richmond Can Kane recognize what’s right in front of him before he loses everything? […]

Out TODAY! Healing, Pandemus Chronicl...

Out TODAY! Healing, Pandemus Chronicles, Book 2!!

  I am SO SO SO excited to announce that Healing is now OUT! Read on! In a world that’s gone to hell, will you let old fears keep you from the chance at more than just survival? Blurb: When Duncan stumbles into a pharmacy in search of something to fix his broken leg, he’s […]

Guest Author: Kim Fielding

Guest Author: Kim Fielding

Please welcome Kim as she talks about sequels and series! We all know how bad I am about them. LOL Let’s see what Kim’s got to say… Hi! I’m Kim Fielding. What do you think about sequels and series? I don’t write them very often. Mostly because it’s the initial conflict and drama of a […]