Little Sparrow – Dream Alphas 1

Shifter MPreg BDSM

When Hunter takes one last job – to make Cody’s dream come true – he gets way more than he expected from the Omega: the sub he’s always wanted and the love of a handsome guy. The problem is, the agency rules say he can’t keep Cody for himself, even though he’s leaving that agency. Can Hunter find a way around it so they can be together?



Paranormal Shifter

Originally written for the MM Romance Goodreads Group. Expanded and edited so we get to see how it all started and where it goes beyond the little Oregon coast cottage.


Jealousy – Golden Collar 3

Historical BDSM

Darius and Salehi search for those behind the assassination attempt on Bathasar. Can they also spend the time to find their way be to each other, as well?