Blog Tour: Worldbuilding – Geography & Climate

I am on Jamie Fessenden’s blog today, talking about worldbuilding.  I borrowed the idea from the Worldbuilding blogfest that went around a couple of months ago. I wasn’t ready then to post it (I was buried neck-deep in edits at the time), but thought it would make a great part of my release blog tour.

Jamie has generously created a map of my world from a drawing I sent him. I started out with a really bad one and my hubby cleaned it up and made it pretty and readable.  Jamie took my hub’s map and made it into this one:

The Choices world

The Choices world

He did an amazing job!  I am so thrilled with it!

Please stop by, let me know what you think of my world and be entered to win a prize!  Tomorrow, I’ll be writing about the history and politics of my world for Lou Sylvre and I will be on Dreampsinner’s Facebook page for a chat!  Be sure to stop by as there will be lots of fun with a scavenger hunt, the option to ask any of my characters a question and, of course, excerpts and the like, all with chances to win some great prizes! So do stop by!

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