Blog Stop: J.R. Loveless Author Spotlight – Grace R. Duncan and a Cut Scene from Choices

I am over at J.R. Loveless’s blog today to give you a deleted scene from Choices and offer up another chance to win swag!  Be warned, it is NSFW!  No pictures, but the text is… quite hot.

Also, come back tomorrow to see my dream cast on Zahra Owens’s blog! And Wednesday and Thursday for brand new side stories from the Choices world over on Kim Fielding’s and Tempe O’Riley’s blogs.

Lastly, if you haven’t, be sure to go over and leave comments on the posts I had last week for more chances to snag swag:

H.B. Pattskyn’s blog on the elements of BDSM in Choices
Cate Ashwood’s blog on the food in Choices
Tali Spencer’s blog on the music that inspired Choices
Jessica Skye Davies’s blog on fanart of Choices
And Zach Sweets’s blog on character development and naming

Thanks for reading and I look so forward to your comments!

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  1. Pickleweasel Pickleweasel
    March 25, 2013    


    Everybody, make sure to follow the link from J.R.’s blog to the rest of the scene, it’s well worth it. So good.

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