So, I have decided to do a New Thing (TM) here. It’s no secret that I wrote fanfiction. In fact, it’s what pushed me to make the move to published. Of course, I started with other original stories ages ago before I’d started writing fanfiction, but fanfiction was the first thing I put out for general consumption.

When I started publishing, one of the first things to go was fanfiction. I just didn’t have time for it while I was trying to get my books written. I was kind of scrambling to get as much done as I could so I had some titles under my belt. After that, it got more and more difficult to get back to fanfic and not focus on my own worlds and characters.

More recently, however, I wanted something I could write without the pressure of publication. There’s a lot to consider when you’re writing something you know is going to be published. With fanfic, that’s just not there because you can’t make money on it. On top of that, the expectations are quite a bit lower. 😉 (Not to say I wouldn’t try to write the best I can!) So, you can just relax with it.

I have a few stories I’d like to write. I have found myself frustrated with the ongoing nature of some of these manga and how stretched out their story arcs are. I’m just like, get on with it already! (This is a byproduct of writing whole stories from start to finish.) Thus, I’ve decided in at least a couple of places to simply write my own ending. In a couple of other situations, I didn’t like how the stories went after a certain point *coughNarutocough* and decided to write what I wanted to see instead.

Well, when the two boys in this story started poking me, I tried to resist, I really did. But they wouldn’t let go. I wanted to see their story which isn’t likely to happen based on what I’m seeing from the creator because of the nature of the relationship between these two. So I thought I’d just write it myself, since isn’t that what fanfiction Is for?

Thus Closer Than Ever was born.

I plan to start posting tomorrow and hope to post weekly from here. I can’t guarantee I will be able to post every week, but I do intent to work at it. First up is these boys. I also have a stack of older fanfiction I’d like to edit (OMG some of it makes me cringe!) and one or two that I started and didn’t finish.

If you’re not part of the fandom, I do encourage you to at least take note of the introductions. I hope to give a bit of background so that, even if you don’t know the world or story, you can still enjoy mine.

Thanks for reading!