31% Halloween sale at Dreamspinner! I wonder why 31… oh. Yeah!


So, after taking a moment for Mr. Grace to wonder about a scary-obvious association of the 31% sale discount with HALLOWEEN, we’re making sure you let you wonderful people know about Dreamspinner’s Halloween sale. Through November 1, all books at the site are 31% off! We’re hoping it isn’t the last half of the book, because we’re terrified of cliffhangers.

And since we’re on the subject of Halloween puns, here are a few more!

What does a vegan zombie eat? GRAAAAAIIIINSS.

Skeleton puns are humerus. I also have vampire puns, but they suck.

I’m only dressed as a wizard – I can’t always get what I wand.

(borrowed these from an article I found through Boo–, err Google. Ahem.)

And when you’re at Dreamspinner looking at the Forbes Mates series (you know, because paranormal shifters), be sure to check out some other wicked-awesome authors like Lou Sylvre, Jamie Fessenden, Jana Denardo, and lots of others!

Have a safe and happy Halloween!

No more puns. No really, I swear on my grave.


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