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Throwback Thursday – Mannies In...

Throwback Thursday – Mannies Incorporated by Sean Michael

  Mannies Incorporated was the first book of the series Mannies Incorporated and I’ve written one every year for release in December ever since. This year is no exception – look for Composing a Family, coming out the week of December18! In the meantime, here’s an excerpt from the original Mannies Incorporated!   Mannies Incorporated […]

Free Fiction Friday – Confusion...

Free Fiction Friday – Confusion, Part 2 (THLA prequel)

Confusion is another relatively short prequel to Turning His Life Around that features Kenji (YAY!  Kenji is my favorite! -Mr. Grace) and Ian primarily and helps establish more of their prior relationship after Kenji left to join the military. Find the previous chapters below: Part 1 Enjoy!! ****   The guard at the gate waved […]

Throwback Thursday: Of Mooning Santas...

Throwback Thursday: Of Mooning Santas and Penis Lights by Thianna Durston

  Former US Marine John Ving hates everything about holiday displays: they’re tacky, they waste energy, and they’re an eyesore. So what does his new neighbor do? He sets up the holiday spectacle from hell, and he doesn’t seem to care which holiday—he has a menorah, a baby Jesus, a Santa, and everything in between. […]

Other World Wednesday: Closer Than Ev...

Other World Wednesday: Closer Than Ever, part 18

  Welcome back to Other World Wednesday! For background and an introduction to the story, go here.   Disclaimers: Please remember the characters and world within this story belong Abe-sensei for the manga and Ishihira-sensei for the anime. I do not own anything, nor do I wish to make money off this. This story is […]

Manga Monday: Koi Ni Nare!

Manga Monday: Koi Ni Nare!

For a quick reminder of what these posts are about, click here. What was not in the original post is a reminder that I’m a happily-ever-after person and that goes for my reading as well as my writing. While it spoils things to a point, in the same way my writing is spoiled (there’s always […]