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Guest Authors: Raine O’Tierney ...

Guest Authors: Raine O’Tierney and Sion O’Tierney

I’ve wondered if you wonder… Why do our last names match? Raine O’Tierney and Siôn O’Tierney. Are we related? Or married? (We’re married.) But it’s odd that we’re married, right? A married het couple writing M/M rom? Unless… I wonder if seeing our authors’ names makes you wonder about our sexualities. Or has the thought […]

Free Fiction Friday: Growth, Part 46:...

Free Fiction Friday: Growth, Part 46: Learning Curves, part 7

And Adel’s education continues. Growth, part 1 ~ Growth, part 45   Adel spent nearly every waking moment after his scene with Teman thinking about it. His mind replaced Teman’s face with Ghalib’s which didn’t really surprise him. It did, however, frustrate him. He was finding his patience stretched much thinner than it ever had before […]

Guest Author: Shae Connor

Guest Author: Shae Connor

Writing Unfortunate Son   Writing my first novel, Sand & Water, took me about two months start to finish (not counting edits/revisions). It was my 2010 National Novel Writing Month project, and I wrote 63,000 words that November, the rest in December. In some ways, Unfortunate Son went through a similar process. I wrote about […]

Guest Author: Sandra Bard

Guest Author: Sandra Bard

First of all, thank you for having me here. I’ve been on this blog before and it’s always fun to be back. I wanted to do this so I could promote my most recently out book but before I do that, I decided to get something out of my system. I write M/M books. I […]

Guest Author: L. Blankenship

Guest Author: L. Blankenship

Hawks & Rams by L. Blankenship a m/m fantasy romance novella ON SALE NOW! from Dreamspinner Press Amazon • Dreamspinner • B&N •  AllRomance Back Cover Heathric Felahóf never wanted to be a thief, but his cousinʼs scheme is the only option to keep the town’s children from being taken as slaves to cover the […]

“Different Tracks” –...

“Different Tracks” – Round Robin, part 3

So, I’ve joined an amazing group of authors to try something new for the new year. We’re doing a new free fiction story, but in a round robin.  Twice a week, we’ll have a new part of the story up for you to read. So far the schedule is: January 5 Sophie Bonaste Part 1 January […]

Guest Author: Tempeste O’Riley

Guest Author: Tempeste O’Riley

Good morning and thank you Grace for having me over! As many know, “Caged Sanctuary” is my first full BDSM book and one of the main characters uses a wheelchair to move around in his daily life due to a gay bashing. I didn’t make a huge thing out of the bashing, because for Kade, it was […]

Free Fiction Friday: Growth, Part 45:...

Free Fiction Friday: Growth, Part 45: Learning Curves, part 6

It’s about damned time, Ghalib. Really, it’s not going to kill you to want him… Growth, part 1 ~ Growth, part 44   Ghalib let himself think of Adel, but let go of the confusion. He liked the qadi. He wanted the qadi. He wanted to serve the qadi. And the admission released some of the […]

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