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Free Fiction Friday: Growth, Part 30:...

Free Fiction Friday: Growth, Part 30: Adel’s Understanding

In which Adel’s world is shaken all to hell and back… Growth, part 1 ~ Growth, part 29   Adel paced the small office, throwing a glare at the shutters when a whine of wind made them rattle. His patience was waning, his need to see Ghalib, convince the man to not be an idiot, […]

Guest Author: A. Morrell

Guest Author: A. Morrell

#TBT Thank you for having me back, Grace! It might be my birthday, but it’s also Throwback Thursday! And since we’re having a birthday bash, let’s talk about birthdays past. Birthdays are everything when you’re a kid. The whole day is all about you. You get presents, you have a party, you run around screaming your head off, and at the […]

Free Fiction Friday: Growth, Part 29:...

Free Fiction Friday: Growth, Part 29: Training Begins, Part 4

In which Ghalib finally starts to get a real clue what he’s in for. Growth, part 1 ~ Growth, part 28   He tried not to let himself be embarrassed. He reminded himself this was what he should want, the pleasure, the arousal was a good thing. He swallowed around his dry throat and took […]

Guest Author: Brynn Stein

Guest Author: Brynn Stein

Blog Tour for Living Again Hi all, I can’t believe I’ve come to the end of my first blog tour. It’s been fun and I’ve enjoyed getting to know some new people because of it. I’ve loved the opportunity to talk about, not only my new release, but about a lot of different things that […]

Free Fiction Friday: Growth, Part 28:...

Free Fiction Friday: Growth, Part 28: Training Begins, Part 3

Another installment of Free Fiction Friday!  In which Ghalib is trying to get a handle on everything, but… yeah, not so easy. It’s okay, dear, you’ll get it… sooner than you might want. Growth, part 1 ~ Growth, part 27   “Now, then,” Cyrus said, sitting forward. “You will want to work on sitting in that […]

Guest Author: Tray Ellis

Guest Author: Tray Ellis

Please welcome Tray Ellis as she discusses the inspiration for her stories. Welcome, Tray! * * * Inspiration for stories can come in a blinding flash, a dream, an image, a feeling, or a host of many other ways.  I’m grateful for fortuitous moments—characters wave hello, plots obligingly reveal themselves, and perfect beginnings and endings […]

Oh Captain… My Captain… M...

Oh Captain… My Captain… May You Rest in Peace

I don’t get worked up over celebrity deaths. I never really have. Michael Jackson shocked me; I was bummed for the tragedy his life really was. Heath Ledger made me sad; he had so much of his life ahead of him yet. But Robin Williams, well, that’s a whole different ball of wax. I grew […]

Free Fiction Friday: Growth, Part 27:...

Free Fiction Friday: Growth, Part 27: Training Begins, Part 2

Welcome back to Free Fiction Friday!  In which poor Ghalib gets confused all over again. (Poor Ghalib… nah!) Growth, part 1 ~ Growth, part 26 Ghalib found himself relaxing quite a bit. Cyrus and Nadir kept the light banter going between themselves, letting Ghalib simply listen. It helped him not feel so self-conscious and unsure. He […]

Guest Author: Anne Barwell

Guest Author: Anne Barwell

Thanks, Grace, for hosting me today  My upcoming release, Winter Duet, is the second in the Echoes series so I figured I’d blog a bit about the series, rather than just the one story. The first book, Shadowboxing, is set in Berlin in late 1943, Winter Duet takes place in Germany in 1944, and […]

Guest author: Áine Massie with Blood ...

Guest author: Áine Massie with Blood Marked

Hello ladies and gents, Áine here. Let me start by thanking Grace R. Duncan for graciously allowing me to take over her site for this special event. Blood Marked (The House Millar series, Book 2) by Áine P Massie With their romance only beginning to take root, the trio, Anya, Nicholas and Declán set forth […]

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