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Wednesday Briefs #13: Growth, Part 11...

Wednesday Briefs #13: Growth, Part 11: Ghalib’s Decision, part 1

Ghalib’s Decision, part 1 And now that we have so thorough confused Adel, we take you back to your previously scheduled programming and take a peek at Ghali. Ghalib approached the malik’s chambers and paused in front of the guards. “Hello, Ghalib!” The one on the left greeted him. Ghalib smiled. “Good evening, Shahid. How are […]

Guest Author: Charley Descoteaux!

Guest Author: Charley Descoteaux!

Today, I have the absolute pleasure of welcoming the lovely and talented Charley Descoteaux to the blog. Welcome, Charley! * * * Thanks, Grace, for inviting me to your blog! Grace writes such thoughtful and thought-provoking posts about BDSM, I wanted to bring something similar. Curious Sustenance isn’t a BDSM story, not really. It’s a […]

Wednesday Briefs #12: Growth, Part 10...

Wednesday Briefs #12: Growth, Part 10: Adel, Part 5

Adel, Part 5 In which Adel’s brain is given more food for thought than he can digest just yet. But it’s all good. He’s getting there. “That’s alright. We can’t always untangle it, ourselves.” Adel blinked at him. “Excuse me?” Bathasar chuckled. “Indeed. Even Teman and Nadir care for each other as more than friends […]

So excited to welcome Raine O’T...

So excited to welcome Raine O’Tierney!

I am so excited to have Raine O’Tierney on my blog today! She’s here to talk about dreaming and her book Under the Table and Into His Heart! Please give her a warm welcome! * * * On Dreaming Do you remember that moment when you first decided what you wanted to be when you grew […]

Please welcome, Cheryl Headford!

Please welcome, Cheryl Headford!

I’ve started something new recently and though I didn’t announce it as I should have, I’ve been doing it for a bit. I hope you’ll welcome my guest authors each Thursday here at my little blog and I do hope that you’ll discover some wonderful new reading material. 🙂 And today, I’d like to welcome […]

Wednesday Briefs #11: Growth, Part 9:...

Wednesday Briefs #11: Growth, Part 9: Adel, Part 4

Adel, Part 4 In which Adel’s brain is broken completely by Bathasar, Teman and Nadir. It took him a few days to get time, but finally on the third evening, he sat in a chair opposite Bathasar in front of the malik’s fire, sipping wine. “Tell me what is on your mind, my friend,” Bathasar […]

Visiting Charley Descoteaux’s t...

Visiting Charley Descoteaux’s today!

I’m over doing a guest post on Charley Descoteaux’s blog today, talking about the differences Domination and sadism, and between hurt and harm and how Bathasar from my Golden Collar series learns this. Please stop by!

Please welcome Kim Fielding!

Please welcome Kim Fielding!

Please give a very warm welcome to Kim Fielding who is visiting today to discuss her new novel, Pilgrimage. Thanks for stopping by, Kim! ~~~ Thanks so much, Grace, for letting me visit here today! This is the third stop on my blog tour to discuss my new novel, Pilgrimage. And since my characters, Mike and […]

Wednesday Briefs #10: Growth, Part 8:...

Wednesday Briefs #10: Growth, Part 8: Adel, Part 3

Adel, Part 3 I’m *almost* sorry I kept you waiting for a whole week. Almost. Not really. 😉 Ghalib considered him for a long time without speaking. Adel let the silence sit giving Ghalib the chance to work it out. Finally, with a sigh, Ghalib spoke. “As you are aware, I am a servant here […]

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